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Intellectual Collection Maria Black
Welcoming a new name to L’Exception’s jewellery collection, Maria Black arrives with her signature, striking and endlessly fashionable accessory offering.

Founded in 2010, Maria Black has never been one to follow the status quo. Led by her intuition and driven by the potential of impossible, each piece from the collection is an intellectual and individual design that encourages the wearer to express their own personal style.

A showcase of eclectic and versatile designs sold separately to inspire a free-willed approach to accessorising, the Danish design house is an ode to minimalist Scandinavian heritage and a high five to today’s discerning dresser.
Taking style inspiration from the world of architecture, geometry and industrial hardware, each piece is crafted to offer an illusion – with strong angular statement pieces Maria Black’s calling card. An aesthetic in a constant state of evolution, high-quality base materials like gold and silver are crafted into sculptural shapes that appear to pierce the skin – translating androgynous design into a selection of interpretive jewellery for both men and women.

Striving to make intelligent jewellery, Maria Black moves wildly and effortlessly between the fast-paced world of fashion with a range of exclusive, elusive concept pieces. From piercings that in fact are earrings to corkscrew designs that redefine luxury, Maria Black demands a second glance – with each earring, bracelet or necklace proving that first impressions are never what they seem.

Hesitant to suggest how each collection should be worn; Maria Black celebrates the art of eclectics with designs that inspire a mix n’ match attitude to life and style – an invitation to marry art, fashion and contemporary style via a selection of personalised jewellery.

Blurring the lines between wearable art and expressionist design, your body becomes a canvas for individualism – with sculptural silhouettes the central focus.
Drawn to the impact jewellery can have on the individual, Maria Black beautifully balances expert craftsmanship with an authentic edge.

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agender jewellery Maria Black
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Broken Earring Maria Black
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