FrenchTrotters Woman

Why we love it ?

Carole and Clarent are two people sharing the same passions for art, fashion, travels and photography. The met each other in 2003, in photography school, then went together in New York, London and Tokyo and created FrenchTrotters, that stands for French and Globe-trotters, in 2005.

The place is an avant-gardist cosmopolitan concept located in Paris that proposes an exclusive selection of French, Scandinavian, American or Japanese products. They were the first to import labels such as Filippa K, Ance, Our Legacy as examples of their innate sense for elegance.

Since 2010, French Trotters is also a ready to wear brand for both men and women. Products are designed in a chic and casual aestheticism, in correlation with the rest of their selection. You can find them in one of their two shops aswell as in a selection of pretty shop in France and abroad.

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