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La Maison Fabre is a luxury French glove factory founded in 1924 by the master glover Etienne Fabre. Until today, it still remains a familial story.

The saga begins in Millau in 1924. The master glover Etienne Fabre establishes the first gloves business in his own house. In the very beginning, it is Etienne and his brother who cut the leather themselves, with the help of a few people who stich the gloves at home. In the 1920s, his son relocated the factory, employing 300 people, to the heart of Millau, and the location has since remained unchanged.

Rose Fabre, daughter-in-law of the founder, introduced fashion in the house by making pieces for the Haute Couture houses, therefore reshaping glove making. She added the much needed sparkle and style to classic gloves.

Starting from this moment, the House associates its know-how to famous designers and french Haute Couture houses. Sensitive to authenticity and the magic of gestures, qualities that shape all Maison Fabre creations, the designers create genuine works of art through gloves.


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