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There are so many different types of jacket that it's hard to generalize about how to wear a man's jacket. Indeed, leather jackets, aviator jackets, bomber jackets, zip-up jackets, denim jackets and motorcycle jackets are not worn in the same way, nor do they have the same final look. In fact, some men's brown leather, black leather or imitation leather jackets, or even men's bomber jackets, can give you a very masculine, biker-style look. Dare to try this men's fashion without further ado, and wear it for every occasion, thanks to its timeless style. If you're looking for a simpler look, why not opt for a short, straight-cut jacket with a round collar for an elegant yet casual style, in timeless tones and colors such as navy blue, camel, beige or black. Pair this jacket with dark blue or raw denim jeans, a high-neck sweater and comfortable white sneakers for an everyday look. Men's jackets are an essential part of a man's wardrobe, which is why it's important to choose the right model and the right size. At L'Exception, we offer a wide range of sizes, from XXS or XS to larger sizes such as L or XL, so we're sure to have something to suit you and your wardrobe. Whether you prefer quilted zipped jackets, button-down jackets or hooded jackets, you're bound to find the perfect model for you, because L'Exception caters for all styles and cuts.
The men's trench coat is the star piece of the autumn, mid-season season, allowing you to sport an urban chic style in all circumstances. As a solid, timeless piece of men's fashion, the trench coat is an essential part of your wardrobe. This attractive mid-season jacket for men is both a light jacket and a windbreaker, and is often available in a wide range of colors, such as beige for a timeless look, khaki for a trendy look, or camel for an autumnal look. Match your trench coat to your desires, but also to your personality. Trench coats for men can be worn in a cropped cut with raw denim jeans in an oversized cut, or with slim jeans and a hoodie for a casual look. For a more elegant look, opt for a long, straight-cut trench coat in navy blue or beige, with a check or print lining, for example, and worked buttoning, or a two-material trench for a more sophisticated touch. A staple of the men's wardrobe, this pretty windbreaker jacket is sure to make a splash on any occasion, and you're sure to be the most stylish man in the room.
There are as many jackets as there are tastes on earth, but since jackets are lighter than coats, some categories like fur hooded parkas and quilted winter down jackets are out of the running. But don't worry, you'll still find some lovely quilted jackets, with or without sleeves, at L'Exception. Here we present you with a wide selection of men's jackets to add to your wardrobe. You'll find light mid-season jackets, as well as warmer models you can wear just before winter. If you want to wear it all autumn long, opt for a water- and wind-repellent fabric. For a casual look, opt for a straight-cut or wide jacket for comfort and ease of movement. In solid colors such as navy, camel, khaki, gray or black, your jacket will be timeless. You can wear it for any occasion with jeans or canvas pants, a simple sweater and pretty sneakers. For mid-season, you can opt for a nice denim or military jacket for a casual or even streetwear look, worn with oversized pants and a sweatshirt. For men, blazer jackets and suit jackets are also key pieces in a man's wardrobe. For an elegant, refined look, tailored blazer jackets are simply perfect for a wide range of situations. Leather jackets and fleece jackets are also essential men's winter jackets to accompany you on your mountain escapades. To be a little more original, you can dare to wear printed jackets or jackets in brighter colors.
Generally speaking, whether for jackets and coats or trench coats and overcoats, each piece has a label with care instructions to be carefully followed, but there are other precautions to take into account. For jackets, blousons and trench coats, it's essential to treat stains quickly, using appropriate methods such as a damp cloth or a mild stain remover. To preserve the quality of the materials, it's also important to avoid tumble-drying. For a cotton or padded jacket, for example, it's best to let it air-dry. If necessary, you can iron your jacket at low temperature, using a cloth between the iron and the fabric to prevent marks. As for storage, it's very important to keep your jackets and blousons in a cool, dry place to avoid permanent creases on long jackets, especially long sleeves. In general, careful care of your men's jackets will help them last longer.
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