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Hunq Amsterdam

Hunq Amsterdam, the art of olfactory seduction

Hunq Amsterdam is the conceptual, provocative fragrance brand. Our fragrances are designed to surprise and impress, creating a unique and unforgettable olfactory experience.

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L'Exception sets out to discover the know-how of its brands. To coincide with the arrival of the season's new products, we had the pleasure of visiting the Opinel manufacturing site in Chambery.
Winter is fast approaching, the cold is already setting in. It’s time to take out coats, sashes, gloves, and above all, sweaters. But how to choose the perfect sweater for this winter?
Christmas is just around the corner... But don't panic, L'Exception is here to help you spoil your loved ones in an eco-responsible way!

Le Rouge Français

Between beauty and well-being

Discover excellence in make-up with Le Rouge Français, a brand that embodies elegance, quality and ecology.

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L'Exception proposes to plant a tree for each order. The trees are planted on a reforestation project in Tanzania. L'Exception partnered with the French company Reforest’Action.

Reforest'Action is a social responsible company, founded in 2010 by Stéphane Hallaire, with the aim to protect the environment and fight against deforestation. The company allows everyone to offset their CO2 emissions and have a positive impact on the environment by planting trees.

Frequently asked questions

Men's ready-to-wear always seems to take a back seat, however men's fashion is very much present. A certain number of items of clothing are men's wardrobe basics and we are going to list them. The white shirt is a must-have in every wardrobe, whether worn alone or under a pretty blazer, a suit or even a sweater, it is absolutely essential in your wardrobe stored next to the shirts checkered or striped. Good quality t-shirts are also pieces that you must have in quantity, in different colors, in round or V neck, in fitted or wide cut, in many different styles to match all occasions and sport a casual look. Chino pants are also a key piece. Can be worn on many occasions and available in many colors, it will please everyone with its comfort. Sneakers, hooded sweatshirts and even knitted sweaters are also essentials in men's wardrobe.
Just because we're talking about men's clothing doesn't mean we can't add accessories. Indeed, men's fashion also has the right to its essential accessories because clothes and accessories are one. We are going to talk about the three main accessories to wear in all circumstances. The first being the watch. Classic and discreet but bringing an undeniable touch of elegance, it will dress up your outfits in subtle ways. It can be worn in a dressy style with suit pants and a shirt as well as in a much more casual or even sportswear style with a t-shirt and raw jeans or jogging pants. You can find a wide selection of watches in different styles at l’Exception. The second essential accessory to have in your men's wardrobe is the leather belt. A quality leather belt is essential to take care of your look, it can be worn in brown or black and will bring all the elegance you need to your outfits. For a little fashion tip, you can also match the color of the belt with that of the shoes. Finally, the last essential accessory for every men's outfit is leather goods. Whether it's a bag or a pretty wallet or satchel, they seem essential in your daily life.
When it comes to colors, there are many rules to follow so as not to have a multi-colored look from head to toe. First of all, you should know that there are complementary colors. These complementary colors are located opposite each other on the color wheel. For example, blue, whether sky blue or navy blue, is compatible with orange. Pairing complementary colors creates an eye-catching contrast. Then there is the rule of analogous colors, those that are located close together on the color wheel, mixed together they create a smooth harmony. The essential monochrome looks are also very trendy in recent years, we have been able to see many monochrome styles in the new collections of the men's wardrobe in recent times. The monochrome look can be colorful or in more neutral tones such as brown or beige which are more wearable in all circumstances. It is also very tasteful to mix mainly neutral pieces with a colored piece or in colorful prints for a casual look as well as a more elegant style. Another rule of thumb for colorful looks is to mix no more than three colors with a dominant color, a secondary color, and an accent color. You can now see that you have a wide choice of colors to combine with each other.
We all know very well that depending on our body types, certain cuts are more suitable than others, however, when we are in the middle of a shopping session, it is sometimes difficult to remember which piece best suits our figure. First of all, you have to know your body shape simply by looking at your body and trying to associate it with the body shape that most resembles you. This will help us make a selection of suitable clothing. Once we know our body shape, it is important to emphasize its strengths. Indeed, we must highlight our strong points, what we like most about ourselves, whether it is the legs, the waist or even the arms. It is also very important to balance the proportions. For example, if you have narrow shoulders, all stylists will tell you to opt for a top that visually widens your upper body in order to balance the top and bottom. Choosing the right cut is also very important, you should always opt for cuts that flatter your body shape. Colors and patterns also have an important role to play. Indeed, dark colors tend to refine while bright and light colors like ecru attract attention. Patterns like stripes or polka dots can also influence the perception of proportions.
We have all already found ourselves with an item of clothing purchased online that is too small. So we will see how to choose the right size online. Firstly, it is very important to follow the size guide in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when receiving your new items. It can also be very useful to read customer reviews. Indeed, certain comments regarding sizes can be valuable. In addition, you can also check the details of the product by carefully reading the description. At l'Exception, you will find a size and cut section giving more details on the model. You can also buy brands that you know in order to have a certain reference of clothing range and size. After all these tips, if doubt persists, you can always, if your budget allows, buy twice and return the size that does not fit.
Together, we know what is at stake for the planet, which is why we must learn to consume more responsibly. First of all, to consume ethically, you must reduce your consumption of clothing from fast-fashion brands as much as possible which release new clothing collections week after week; it seems more responsible to put a certain price on a product quality that will last a long time. In addition, responsible shopping generally means natural materials. In view of the climate situation, it seems urgent to change our behavior and our consumption patterns, however, it does not seem conceivable to no longer buy clothes, which is why it is important to favor brands over clothing collections. made from natural, recycled or even upcycled materials. At L'Exception, we allow you to consume better with a wide selection of committed brands respecting our ECO x CEPTION criteria. Furthermore, it is not because these clothes are produced responsibly that they lose their beauty, their glamor or their trendy side.
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