With the rise of fast fashion, fashion has over time become a "disposable" concept. Whereas previous generations spent time mending little holes in socks, fallen buttons or even untucked clothes, today this is unfortunately less ingrained in the mores. These days, we'd rather buy new clothes or shoes than have our stuff repaired. But that's neither good for our wallets nor for the planet.

The textile industry is one of the most polluting, whether in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, soil pollution... Fast fashion illustrates this problem perfectly.
In the garment life cycle, it's production that happens to be the main link in the pollution induced by the textile industry: the production of materials, spinning, fabrics, garment making, all these actions pollute atrociously. The idea here is to produce less in order to avoid this pollution. But to achieve less production, it's necessary to increase product life which will also reduce textile waste. Responsible fashion brands are aligned with this thinking, thanks to their sustainable materials and the eco-design used to produce their pieces the lifespan of garments is extended. It is therefore necessary to rethink one's consumption and opt for sustainable and ethical brands as proposed in our selection Eco x Ception. Also, always with a view to extending the life of products but also lowering the environmental impact of a clothing purchase, it's worth thinking about retouching clothes that are too big or too small before thinking about making a return.
As we've just seen, there are several possibilities for increasing the life of a garment, but today we're going to look at one in particular:repair.


Repairing allows us to keep our clothes longer, making fashion less disposable, more sustainable.
It's one of the keys to overcoming the large amount of waste caused by the fashion industry.

Repair Bonus:
Today, it's important to repair our stuff whenever possible. If you're not a seasoned seamstress, here's a solution that can help you call in outside service providers.
Already in place for household appliances and electronics, the state-initiated Repair Bonus has been extended to textiles and footwearsince November 2023. But what exactly is it? It's a aid that covers all clothing and footwear with the exception of household linen, lingerie (underwear and socks), leather and real fur garments, accessories (bags....), technical sportswear (judo kimonos, ski or diving suits, ski boots, etc.), DIY and garden clothing (gardening gloves, plant protection suits, safety shoes, etc.), masquerade costume and accessories (pirate hats, fairy wings, etc.). Also excluded from this scheme are alterations (resizing, hemming...) and "upcycling" (the transformation of a piece destined to be thrown away). This bonus is therefore exclusively reserved for repairs.
Easy to use, the repair bonus is applied automatically, the amount is deducted directly from your invoice, so you pay the price deducted from the bonus.
Nevertheless, there is one condition: the product must have been repaired at one of the 800 repairers labeled by ReFashion. Here's the list which not only lists all the repairers near you, but also the digital repair solutions that enable you to get your stuff repaired even when you live far from a specialist workshop. This list is growing very often, so don't hesitate to take a look.
The bonus ranges from 6 to 25€ and concerns repairs of a minimum of 12€. It's important to note that the various bonuses are cumulative within the limit of 60% of the bill. No more excuses!


Let's discover together more precisely 5 actors (labeled Refashion) you can call on to repair your clothes.
Whether you live near a workshop or prefer digital solutions, here's a non-exhaustive list of people who will help you repair your finest clothes.

1/ Les Réparables :
This Lyon-based company is a digital clothing repair solution. Their main mission: "to enhance human know-how, providing concrete and sustainable solutions to reduce the impact of the textile industry". Thanks to their sewing workshop and dedicated website, they enable all those who call on them to extend the life of their garments and thus restore value to existing garments. Les Réparables can work with individuals but also clothing brands (designers and distributors) and companies who want to have their workwear repaired. Whatever the repair required, repairing a tear, a snag on a garment or a hole, a broken zipper (among others) Les Réparables will be able to meet your expectations on all your everyday or professional garments.

2/ Rapid Couture :
This network of boutique workshops allows you to have your damaged clothes repaired, altered and even transformed. Their mission? "To revalue the artisanal work of alteration seamstresses" with the aim of prolonging the life of textiles. The network has over 100 boutique-ateliers throughout France where you can go to have any type of garment repaired, from long coats to skirts and shirts. If, however, there's no store near you, you can always pass on their easy-to-use web service which will offer the same services as an in-store service. The seamstresses and dressmakers will be delighted to share their craftsmanship and passion with you!

3/ Tili :
Tili is a network of over 500 French artisans: dressmakers, leatherworkers, shoemakers and embroiderers, who accompany you to maintain and sublimate your wardrobe. Their mantra is to "preserve what exists, make everyday life easier and dare to reinvent uses".
The artisans repair, reinvent, retouch, sublimate, personalize, give a second life to all your products: clothes, bags, shoes, home decor. All you have to do is make your diagnosis on their platform, then depending on where you live a Tili craftsman (a "Tiliste") will come to your home to perform the service or you can also send your items via the platform. The final quote will then be validated in person or virtually, and you'll be able to receive your items within 3 to 15 days, depending on the service. 2 Parisian boutiques can also welcome you to carry out all the services you require.

4/Galoche et Patin :
Leather goods and shoes also often need to be pampered and repaired. Galoche et Patin has understood this, this shoe repair service can repair all kinds of shoes : men's and women's shoes, climbing shoes, sneakers but also bags. Collection and delivery are available throughout France. In Paris and the inner suburbs a concierge will collect and deliver to you, elsewhere in France Chronopost services are at your disposal. Don't wait any longer and give your favorite bag a makeover or get that pair of heels you like so much repaired!

5/ Rabiboche :
An initiative launched by a century-old glove maker, Rabiboche puts all its technique and heart into giving a second wind to all garments and patching you up with your damaged pieces. Professional glove-making machines, expert seamstresses and a good strong thread are the perfect combination for a quality repair. The yarns and fabrics used come from brand-name knitters to guarantee repairs that last over time. The concept is simple: just order the repairs on the site, drop off the garments at a relay point or Mondial Relay, and once repaired, all you have to do is wear your clothes again!

So now that you know all about repairing, before you think about buying again, get repairing! The planet and your wallet will thank you :)