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We've all experienced the frustration of having to return our favorite pair of shoes because the size wasn't right - that's the risk of internet shopping, but L'Exception does everything possible to make sure you're as comfortable as possible in your shoes. Indeed, choosing among all the shoes on offer is complicated enough. You can't go wrong with a shoe size. That's why L'Exception has set up a section to indicate how the shoe fits, depending on whether it's leather or canvas. At Autry, for example, it's written that the product fits normally, so it's advisable to take your usual size. What's more, if that's not enough, you can find the size guide to help you make your decision so that you'll be comfortable and able to wear them every day, whatever the occasion.
Every season, trends change and new wardrobe essentials arrive. The latest trends are rather retro and vintage. Women's moccasins and babies were iconic pieces in the 50s and 60s. Today, these shoes embody glamour and have taken their place in every woman's wardrobe as dress shoes for dressy looks. Available from major brands as well as lesser-known names, they've all embraced this trend. So don't hesitate, slip on your moccasins or babies for an elegant, chic look to wear every day. And if you don't have any yet, it's not too late - a shopping trip will make up for it. You'll also find this vintage trend in sneakers. Eighties-inspired, pretty white or two-tone Autry sneakers are all the rage, but they're not the only ones to have gone vintage. In fact, Adidas has brought out some old models and brought them up to date: gazelles and campuses with chunky soles. You'll find new shoe collections on our site every day. Finally, with the dadcore trend, birkenstock mules are hyper-trendy, so don't hesitate to put on your birkenstock, which will dethrone all your other shoes in terms of style and comfort.
In l'Exception's footwear section, you'll find a wide range of shoes for every style and occasion, so you can match your outfit with the perfect pair of shoes. In fact, you'll find many new pairs of shoes, including sneakers. You'll find high or low sneakers, lace-up or velcro shoes, in every style and color to suit your taste. You'll find them in casual styles like Salomon or Axel Arigato sneakers, or more elegant and chic with Toufet house sneakers with velcro, for example. Sneakers are a must-have in your wardrobe, thanks to their comfort and trendiness. Every season you'll find your favorite sneakers on our website to enhance your wardrobe, but there are many other fashionable shoe models available too. These include the must-have boots, ankle boots and high-top boots, all winter staples. We're all completely addicted to boots in winter, so fall for our pretty pairs of leather high boots, whether they're low-heeled or high-heeled, there's something for everyone in our wide range of footwear. Let yourself be tempted by bobbie boots with a high heel or arch boots with a smaller heel. In a completely different style, you'll find eagle boots, with the look of feminine rain boots. For something in-between sneakers and heeled boots, you'll find moccasins, ballerinas or mules, which are more comfortable than heels and more elegant than sneakers. Whether in an original or more sober style, these pairs of shoes are must-haves in your dressing room. Finally, we also offer sandals for summer. After all, bare feet are synonymous with the sun, and it's always fun to wear them.
To keep your shoes in perfect condition, you need to be rigorous and maintain them regularly to prolong their life. As a general rule, first remove coarse dirt by shaking, then, using a soft brush such as an old toothbrush, dust the shoe more thoroughly. It's important to avoid hard brushes that could damage the surface. To remove stubborn stains, mix lukewarm water with a small amount of mild soap and apply to the shoe with a brush before rinsing with clean water. For pairs of leather shoes, it's important to take care of the leather and polish them whenever necessary for a more chic, polished look. Indeed, all shoes need to be cared for to preserve their quality.
Depending on the type of shoe, certain outfits are preferable. For sneakers and sneakers, dress casually so that you feel comfortable all day long. However, thanks to our extensive collection of sneakers, it's perfectly possible to match certain sneakers with a more elegant and sophisticated look, the main thing being that they're comfortable shoes that you can wear on all occasions. The same goes for moccasins or babies, which can be paired with a little black dress, for example, to achieve an elegant look. However, it is also possible to contrast the classy style of the shoes with a more casual look by wearing jeans, for example, which will bring out your femininity just as much. When it comes to heels, whether they're stiletto, wedge or square heel, choose your favorites so your feet don't ache. You can also wear a variety of pieces, such as jeans, whether jumpsuits or wide-leg jeans, or a dress or skirt for a more chic look. Generally speaking, all women's shoes can be matched to your style, it's just a question of choosing the right pieces. Leather is particularly easy to match, both in terms of style and color.
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