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Boxing Day is Tuesday 26 December 2023.

Boxing Day takes place every year on the day after Christmas Day in England. The name has nothing to do with boxing, it is actually Boxing Day. At that time, English aristocrats used to give their servants boxes with small gifts or sweets. Today, Boxing Day is an important day of promotions in England, but the tradition is also coming to France. Reconnect on December 26th at L'Exception to take advantage of our promotions.

Frequently asked questions
The Boxing Day you can be there today. Don't worry about it, the exception is for you to explain it!
Originating from Royaume-Uni, the Boxing Day, also called “The Day of Boîtes”, is one of the only promotions with exceptions that will be held on the same day in Noël, on the 26th of December on the phone number of Anglophones. The mark of the launch of the solders in Grande-Bretagne. Since the Anglo-Saxon culture began in the year 1800, it was the first day of the year 1871.
More and more origins are attributed to this day on the basis of the fact that the aristocrats are responsible for their congestion in their homes and the remerciant grace of a small house containing the children and other sucreries. One of the original origins of the date of the 15th day of the session is now due. It's a tradition that sticks to the pictures this day. Places of hard disks on other ports close to the event period until the argent filter for the most recent arrivals from the parois company will be distributed on December 26.
August 2017, compared to Black Friday America, the Boxing Day Sale on December 26 is available for merchants in the retail sale of private labels and brands with a “sexy” offer and discount. This is the first day of promotions with exceptions for purchasers (certain rooms are home to magazines on December 25th at certain times on certain media!) This also makes a day of sporting activities that retransmit on Monday’s next month’s televisions and other equipments. football of the Premier League. In order for the supporters not to travel long distances in order to prepare for the next day, the matches of this day are between the “local” equipments: the derbys. In the course, the Boxing Day is a day marked by the shopping, prices, and sports events. These designs are applicable to mailers, pantaloons, makeup, sous-vêtements, underwear, T-shirts, printed T-shirts, talons, tops and other sweatshirts, this day is perfect for bonnet affairs.
Boxing Day takes place every year on the same day, Boxing Day, December 26. The perfect day to enjoy the leftovers of the Christmas feast with family and friends, snuggle up by the fire and sip your hot chocolate while checking out the latest trends in men's and women's clothing on special offer on the L'Exception website. You'll be able to take advantage of low prices on a wide range of items from leading ready-to-wear brands, such as jackets, hoodies, short- and long-sleeved t-shirts, and pretty moccasins for both men and women!
The best tip is to scout out the selection of products on the L'Exception website beforehand. Decide right now what you're going to choose so that you can take advantage of the 20% off your favourite item on the big day. Don't overlook this tip, as items can go very quickly on this exceptional day full of special offers! It's the perfect day to make the most of Santa's generous gifts. Play it safe by buying basics that will last you all year round, like polo shirts and jeans; go for sportswear with a pretty hoodie or jogger, or go for trendy with the latest skirt, pretty boots, a bra for the gym or fitness, or low-top trainers. You can also take the opportunity to buy tech products, children's shoes, childcare equipment, small electrical appliances, high tech or fragrances that will awaken your senses...
The Boxing Day fair's offer on an e-commerce site with exceptions, and many great bonnets with beautiful marques, exclusive numbers, and bons that we produce (-20%) , you can use the beneficiary of the recovery policy (14 days) during the soldering period after a similar period, which does not fit the case in the magazine. Benefit from the cost of delivery and return of 100€ in Metropolitan France or delivery by express 24 hours by Chronopost. At a more detailed price, it is often possible to pay 2x, 3x or 4x without adding a blue card. Fair shopping on L’Exception you allow access to a selection of XXL clothing and a creative mode for hommes and women. And this is not the case! You can benefit from fiduciary points in your chemicals, perfumes, or your favorite talents and also add bonuses to your purchase orders. What more demand?
The Boxing Day is not the first time in the middle of the hexagon, but it is the first time in the French magazines. Shopping fair on the Exception site is a very popular fairy tale (maybe to all your family) for the money you receive from your loved one who will stay in your home or home Your pullover of the new!
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