Sales terms & conditions

Article 1 : Objective

The objective of L’Exception is to provide a platform dedicated to online shopping of fashion designers and to promote their brands.

Article 2 : Acceptance of terms

Acceptance of general conditions of sales is done when validating the order. By proceding to payment, the user indicates that he fully accepts the general conditions presented.

Article 3 : Sales conclusion

The sale is done between both parties, and the property is owned by the buyer as soon as the payment is done, no matter what the delivery date is.

Article 4 : Disclosure requirements

L’Exception complete its duty of information and advice before the sale, as mentioned by the L121-18 Customer Code article and the articles to which it refers. Essential characteristics of the products are mentioned in detailed description along with article pictures.
Order confirmation implies abiding by the L121-19 Customer Code article.

Article 5 : Client Account

Registration is not required to access the website, however, registration of the purchaser is required for placing an order.
Below information are mandatory for the registration: Title, Full name, Email, Password, Phone number and shipping address.

Article 6 : Prices and means of payments

The price on each item includes all taxes in France and the European Union. Outside of the European Union, the price is indicated DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), meaning you won't have to pay any additonal tax on import. The price of the article is effective at the moment the order is passed. The payment methods include credit card, American Express, Paypal...

The discount codes are not applicable on shipment fees, unless otherwise stated. The discount code will not be refunded in case of reimbursement.

The payment data are conserved either by L’Exception or by the organization responsible for the financial transaction. The payment is effective immediately.

The information you provide when placing your order and your credit card payment information are subject to automated data processing by our partner Ogone. This automated data processing is intended to define a level of analysis of transactions and fight against credit card fraud, theft and improper use of your identity.

OGONE S.A. and L’EXCEPTION SARL are the recipients of the data in relations to your order. Your card number is never transmitted or used as it is but you are secured from a safe system of encoding and encrypting. The highest security standard are applied to data storage and are all complied to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). You may object to the disclosure of your information, knowing that the non-transmission of these data prevents the execution and analysis of your transaction and will lead us to suggest another way of reservation.

The occurrence of unpaid invoices due to fraudulent use of credit card registration will involve registration of the order details associated with this outstanding payment in a payment incident file. An irregular declaration or anomaly may also be subjected to special treatment.

According to the information provided by the order analysis system, we may contact you to provide additional documentations. The supplementary information are in this case an indispensable condition to validate your reservation.

In order to fight against fraudulent payments, a visual check of means of payment may be asked by the customer service of L'Exception before checking your products.

Article 7 : Sales price adjustment

If an article is bought in the 7 days before the start of sales or a promotional period, on request of the customer, L'Exception may credit the account of the customer of the price difference. This credit will be awarded in the case where the same product, including the same size, is still available for sales on the website at the time of the request of the customer. This credit may be used in the 12 months following the date of approval.
Any article bought during sales or promotional period may not be beneficiate from this sales price adjustment, even if further marked-down.

Article 8 : Delivery fees

The delivery fees will be confirmed to the customer before payment. L'Exception is not liable for any delivery delay.

Article 9 : Unavailability of order

In exceptionnal circumstances, if the item ordered is not available, the customer can proceed for an exchange or be fully reimbursed of the total sum paid in no later than 30 days.

Article 10 : Quality of Articles

The quantity and quality of the delivered goods shall be those specified at the order
L’Exception reserves the right to modify the article to be delivered in the supposition described in paragraph 2 of the Article R132 of the Customer Code. It means that if the modifications are related to technical change that generates no increase of price or change of quality of the product, provided that the customer is free to identify the characteristics of the underlying commitment.
Articles sold by l’Exception are guaranteed to be new, according to the current laws, and were, under no circumstances, previously used.

Article 11 : Non-compliance of the order / Damaged item

It is stated in the Article L121-20-3 of the Consumer Code, that L’Exception, as a professional, is strictly liable to the consumer for the proper execution of obligations under the contracted sales agreement. L'Exception may exonerate itself from the responsability by showing the proof the mis-execution of the contract is due to the buyer, or by the impredictable action of a subcontractor or a case of force majeure. In case of an anomaly at the delivery, if the products are deffectuous or non conform in nature (eg: wrong color), the customer must in the shortest time or the same day of receiving the order inform L'Exception at the following address:<.br/>
Any claim done more than 3 days after receiving the product will not be accepted.
The absence of claim or the lack of information by the customer in the 3 days term means that the articles delivered are satisfying and may not be the case of further liabilities.

Article 12: Returning an order

Following the L 121-20 Customer Code, as modified by the 23 August 2001 2001-741 ordinance, a customer can return any item delivered in the 30 days following the day of the order delivery.
You can use this right through the forms located in the Order area of your personnal account, or with a registered mail with delivery receipt formalising the 30 days delay to the Exception.
Using this right lead to the payment refunding, after a quantity and quality check of returned items.

Article 13 : Returns

In France, all return costs will be taken cared of by L'Exception. Outside of France, return shipping will be decided by the customer, handling the expenses and practical details. Under no circumstances shall l’Exception be held responsible for organizing the returned order shipment as mentioned in the 120-21 Customer Code article.
Products have to be kept in a good condition and be put back in their original packaging, over which must be added another packaging fully wrapping the product; they must not bear any trace of using and have all of their accessories.
It is only after checking that those conditions are satisfied that l’Exception will refund the amount matching the returned items, except for the initial shipping fees. Otherwise, no refund can be asked, the customer will stay the owner of the product that he can get in a delay of 30 days at L'Exception's office.
In case of return outside of Metropolitan France, L'Exception offers the possibility of having the return costs credited to the customer account. These expenses can be used on a future order, they are not refundable. These expenses are credited on simple request to the customer service. The amount refunded is limited to 50€ per return.

Article 14 : Liberty

According to the 78-17 6 January 1978 law, recasted by the 2004-801 6 august 2004 law, you can access and modify your personal informations. If you agreed to do so during your registration, we can forward your adress to L’Exception partners third parties. You can in this manner receive other companies offers. If you do not wish it, you may notice us at this adress : L’Exception - La Caserne, 12 rue Philippe de Girard - 75010 PARIS, FRANCE.

Article 15 : Intellectual property

Every text, commentary, books, illustration and pictures, be they visual or audio, reproduced on L’ website are protected by authors, brands and patents copyrights for the whole world. They are the sole property of L’Exception.
For this reason and according to Intellectual Property Code clauses, only the use for a private usage, under the effect of different more restrictive Intellectual Property clauses is authorized. Any other use can be taken as counterfeit and punished because of Intellectual Property.

Article 16 : Dispute

In the event of a complaint, the customer is invited to contact our customer service to find an amicable solution using the form on our website or by telephone during the opening hours of our customer service.

In accordance with the French Consumer Code concerning the amicable settlement of disputes, L'Exception is a member of the e-commerce mediator service of the FEVAD (Federation of e-commerce) whose contact details are as follows: 60 Rue La Boétie - 75008 Paris - FRANCE - After prior written contact with L'Exception by consumers, the Mediation officer may be contacted for any consumer dispute that has not been settled. To find out how to contact the Mediation officer, click here.

For any dispute in France or within the European Union, the customer may also refer to the European Commission's online dispute resolution platform available at the following address:

  • Article 18: Parrainage
  • If no agreement is reached after mediation, the dispute may be brought before the courts of Paris, which shall have sole jurisdiction.

    Article 17: Site rated by FIA-NET

    For the operation "Rated Site - Premium Site" (FIA-NET logo):
    Your purchase on L’Exception gives you the opportunity to participate in the "Rated site - Premium Site" operation organized by FIA-NET SA.
    Through two satisfaction surveys whose purpose is to measure the quality of service that was provided throughout the act of purchase, you can send us your personal experience and share it with the online community of FIA-NET.
    These questionnaires may be sent by FIA-NET or L’Exception via email following your purchase.
    The information collected in these questionnaires are subject to automated processing of data by FIA-NET SA.
    Partial response or no response to one or both questionnaires will have no impact on the progress of your order and its treatment.
    FIA-NET SA and L’Exception are the recipients of personal data collected in these questionnaires.

    Non-personal information will be used by FIA-NET in accordance with regulations and in particular those relating to the protection of personal data.

    In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978, at any time, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to all of your personal data by writing a letter, with proof of your identity, to:
    FIA-NET Service Informatique et Libertés
    Treatment No. 896150
    39, rue Saint-Lazare - 75009 Paris - FRANCE

    Article 18 : Loyalty program

    L'Exception launched its loyalty program on May 1st 2018.
    For each order, the customer gains points according to the amount paid. Each euro paid gives 10 points (1€ = 10 pts), this amount is calculated excluding shipping fees. For payments in other currencies, the equivalence in euro is calculated using the daily rate.
    Points are valid for 6 months after they are generated. Adding new points will prolongate the validity of all the points remaining on the customer acount. Points have no financial value, they can not be reimbursed, redeemed or transfered to another customer account.
    Points can be exchanged for reduction vouchers : 1000 pts = 5€, 2000 pts = 10€, etc... The vouchers can be used on all the website, excluding product on sale, in promotion or in the outlet, with a minimum purchase of 100€. The vouchers can not be reimbursed or redeemed.
    The customer can exchange 5000 points for a -10% reduction voucher (valid outside of sale, promotions or outlets). The customer can exchange 10000 points for a -15% reduction voucher (valid outside of sale, promotions or outlets).

    The customer also has access to loyalty badges : Amateur for 2000 points, Connoisseur for 5000 points, Ambassadeur for 10000 points. Those badges have a validity of 1 year after being created. They give access to specific advantages : Club L'Exception from Amateur level, invitations for VIP events at the boutique for Ambassadeur badge.

    The loyalty program started on May 1st 2018. All orders passed before May 1st 2018 can not be redeemed for points. L'Exception has the right to stop the loyalty program anytime. The points expire 1 year after the last purchase date.

    Article 19 : Payment in crypto-currency

    Our partner LUNU offers you a payment solution with your crypto-currency wallet.

    This payment method will be proposed to you during the validation of your cart. The reference price remains the amount of your basket in Euro or in the currency chosen on the website. By choosing LUNU, you can choose the crypto-currency of your choice. The currency amount will be converted into the chosen crypto-currency. The exchange rate is determined by LUNU and cannot be changed. By scanning the QR Code, you agree to the debit of your crypto-currency wallet.


    In case of return, crypto-currencies are non-refundable. You will be able to choose a credit to your customer account or a refund by transfer to your bank account. This refund will be in euro only and equal to the amount of your purchase. In no case will The Exception refund in crypto-currency or be responsible for the fluctuation of the price of crypto-currencies.

    For more information on LUNU:

    Article 20 : Miscellaneous

    These terms and conditions are effective from 1st September 2011. L’Exception reserves the right to modify certain elements of the general conditions during the year.
    If any difference may arise between English and French terms, the French terms will be considered the correct ones.

    If you have any disagreement with the current sales terms, please contact us at to discuss customs sales terms.

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