Men's Fashion Week draws to a close in Paris. During the week, haute couture designers played with the codes of their respective Houses and the season's fashion trends, much to our delight. Let's take a look back at the most striking looks from one of the most important fashion events of the year.

The era of the androgynous garment is well and truly established for Men: the bare belly, the tartan-inspired skirt revisited and the oversized, technical suit take up a significant part of the men's catwalks this season.

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Le less is more

Ami Paris Fashion Week 2023

A return to simplicity is the theme of the Ami Paris show. For designer Mattiussi, it's a more personal quest to highlight the lighter cuts of monochrome. He says he wants to go back to the '90s, the period when he fell in love with fashion, with the essentials making up the real wardrobe.

We therefore notice warmer tones, a majority of gray, dusty green or even a few touches of beige. The cuts are designed to elongate the body, for a more elegant, slender yet relaxed silhouette.

The trend for white stripes is back with a vengeance - not to be missed -

Thanks to this show, we rediscover the essence of Maison Ami, with too much artifice, less superfluity. Contemporary and French take center stage.

Our selection Ami Paris


A new lease of life

Officine Generale fashion week

We can speak of a new lease of life for the French brand, as the wardrobe is anchored in reality and adapts to the ever-changing world of fashion.

The designer's desire is to sublimate and perfect his collection, reducing the color palette, materials a little bolder and lighter. Scarves around the neck, high socks, flowing shirts and leather jackets, long tunics for men.

Our selection Officine Générale


The Tailoring

Paul smith fashion week

A myriad of references - from Brutalist architecture to contemporary art galleries - light up the mood this season. Casual and nonchalant, the collection redefines the codes of the early 1980s with airbrushed prints, a pared-down pastel palette and fluid silhouettes.

Tailoring is given pride of place, a staple of both men's and women's dressing for years.

Our selection Paul Smith


Conceptual reverse

Rains fashion week

Embracing the downpour. Rains reconnects with the elements and reclaims its technical specialty - coated fabrics. True to its DNA, the spring-summer 2024 collection combines cutting-edge textile innovation with contemporary Scandinavian design to create garments that are both spirited and functional, oversized, structured rainwear that is conceptual and in step with the times.

Enjoy the rain in style.

Our selection Rains