A new page is turning for the house of Kenzo, the arrival of Nigo in September 2021 marks a real turning point. With great creativity and a strong attachment to this house, the young designer has been able to fully express his potential to take over the reins.

Nigo, a young prodigy

In the world of streetwear fashion, Nigo is an absolute legend, but outside of that world, the name won't resonate with many ears.

The Japanese designer, entrepreneur, producer and DJ is worth knowing though.
Not only has he created numerous brands, including A Bathing Ape and Billionaire Boys Club, with which he changed streetwear fashion forever.
The young designer's interests go far beyond the world of fashion, he is a real hip-hop enthusiast, he owns his own record label. He has some roots in the art world, Nigo being an early fan of the now world famous artist Kaws. In 2005, Kaws created a special painting for Nigo that later sold in 2019 for $14.8 million.

His arrival at Kenzo

Thanks to Nigo, we then discover another aspect of the brand, younger, trendier, in the era of time thanks to the collection BOKE FLOWER. He uses it as a link between the heritage of the House of KENZO and his own influences. It is a nod to the poppy that is often associated with the brand, especially through the iconic fragrance Flower by Kenzo. Thus on each piece is affixed the illustration of the red boke.

In this collection, Nigo revisits iconic pieces of the American wardrobe such as the cardigan beloved by American colleges. The collection is minimalist: straight cuts, monochrome tones, white to evoke this idea of a blank page, a beautiful metaphor that symbolizes the new history of the House KENZO written by Nigo.

The Boke flower capsule is unisex due to its uniform cuts and simple designs. The pieces can be imagined on both a feminine and masculine silhouette.

At L'Exception we love the brand's clean lines, imbued with modernism and colorful geometric prints that make Kenzo a benchmark brand in contemporary fashion.

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