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Cashmere comes from the down of the goat called Kashmir, living in a hostile natural environment, which gives it a very fine, dense and silky down.
L'Exception goes to meet its clients. Today, we meet Fiona Guadagnini, project manager, and a client at L'Exception.
Discover our ECO X CEPTION designers, brands that make fashion move in the right direction. Today, L'Exception invites you to discover the recycled sneakers brand Corail.
Ethical and eco-friendly leather goods brand, Thyrs is based on a range of bags that revisit our daily essentials in a colorful palette.
Christmas is coming, L'Exception presents to you its list of 10 eco-responsible gifts, to give you the inspiration for unique gifts to slip under your tree this winter.
L'Exception goes to meet its clients. Today, we meet Mas Belsito, actor in Italy and France, customer of L'Exception for two years.
Exclusive collaboration, Paraboot invites the artist Garance Vallée to reinterpret the Chambord model, icon of the brand. An original and interesting creation.
Back on the DB JOURNEY launch party, presentation of the new innovative and design cases. Ideal to go on an adventure !
With the holiday season approaching, L'Exception invites you to discover the brand ECO X CEPTION Paké, which makes gift wrapping with furoshiki cloth an aesthetic and ethical object.
L'Exception goes to meet its clients. Today, we meet Julie Prost and Laura Podjarny, founders of Impala Avocats, both clients of L'Exception.
Adèle and Nico under the stage name Bibi Club. The duo from Quebec released their first album Le Soleil et la Mer, a warm, gentle and unifying record.
To take the best care of your Paraboot shoes and ensure their longevity, the brand shares some maintenance tips.
Discover our ECO X CEPTION brands, brands that move fashion towards the right direction. L'Exception presents to you Bask in the Sun to inaugurate this new concept.


Polyester is the most widely used synthetic fiber in the textile industry. Alone or blended, polyester yarns are light, easy to care for and highly elastic.
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