• Polaroid Hi-Print - Polaroid Originals
  • Polaroid Hi-Print - Polaroid Originals
  • Polaroid Hi-Print - Polaroid Originals
  • Polaroid Hi-Print - Polaroid Originals

Polaroid Hi-Print

Polaroid Originals

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Polaroid Hi-Print. Bluetooth.

With this portable printer that fits in your pocket and its Polaroid Hi-Print application, print any photo from your phone and stick it wherever you want with its adhesive paper.

Let your imagination run wild, it's as simple as that!

Its application allows you to add content (such as filters) to your images before printing them in superior quality on adhesive paper, in order to personalize your computer, fridge, or even the walls of your room.

Works only with Hi Print 2x3 refills. Sold separately.



100% Plastic

Colors : White
Ref: 9046

About Polaroid Originals

Their story says it all. Polaroid has been a trusted global brand for 80 years and is best known for pioneering instant photography since Edwin Land first conceived of the instant camera in 1943. They embrace the nostalgia inherent to their past, allowing them to embrace old technologies through new technologies and beyond.

Today they celebrate their heritage and bring it forward through their products, services and brand promise. They are committed to delivering instant gratification that connects the world through sharing. In fact, they consider themselves to be the original social sharing brand.

Polaroid heritage brand symbolizes, embodies and provides tremendous familiarity with quality products ranging from instant and digital still cameras, high-definition and mountable sports action video cameras, tablets, high-definition TVs, mobile apps and apparel.

They are dedicated to continually offer products that ensure quality and maximize function, in the respect of Polaroid brand's values. They make the promise of simplicity and gratification for all.
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