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Our commitments

By Régis Pennel, Founder of L'Exception

L'Exception has been committed, for more than 10 years, to offering ready-to-wear items, leather goods, shoes, jewelry, accessories, decoration, toys, in harmony with the expectations of our customers. The constant common thread that connects them: durability, minimalism and a touch of originality. We also aim to provide the best quality of service for our customers. L'Exception aims to continuously improve its e-commerce activity in order to become the leading responsible concept store by 2030.

L'Exception is a stakeholder in La Caserne, the largest accelerator of ecological and societal transition dedicated to the fashion and luxury in Europe. L'Exception was at the origin of the project by participating in the call for projects from Paris City Hall alongside the Impala group. Collaboration and sharing of expertise are fundamental values among residents. The place is located in the 10th arrondissement and is open to all.

Our CSR indicators

Date of creation
16 713
Online products
200 000
Customers since 2011
Partner brands
% of Eco X Ception sales
Rating by our customers

A wide range of more responsible products

L’Exception helps and supports designer brands. We actively support young French creators by giving them maximum visibility on our website and by offering them a communication space on our magazine and our social networks. We can also provide financial support for the production of orders.

From now on, more than 50% of our offer participates in more responsible fashion or produced locally thanks to our Eco x Ception criteria. We have defined nearly thirty sustainability criteria among the labels and good manufacturing practices that we have called Eco x Ception. These criteria affect both the local economy through the promotion of European and French production and eco-responsibility criteria such as the use of organic or recycled materials. Since 2016, it has been possible to filter our products according to several environmental and social criteria in order to help you consume better. Each season, the purchasing team favors, in its selection, brands that manage to reconcile a unique creative universe with strong commitments to eco-responsibility, geographical proximity and ethics.

Inform our customers to consume better

Articles and newsletters are regularly designed to inform and guide consumers towards a more sustainable lifestyle, respectful of our planet.

In our online magazine, we want to inform consumers about good consumption habits. Thus, we highlight brands producing locally in France and Europe, using organic and/or recycled raw materials, respectful of working conditions and ethical production issues. We are committed to regularly informing our customers and partners of new developments and best practices in the textile market, in particular via our Linkedin account.

To provide more transparency to our customers, L’Exception is committed to establishing a permanent bond of trust. Customer reviews on the L'Exception site and on selected products are collected by a trusted third party, Verified Reviews. They cannot be modified or deleted and are freely accessible on the L'Exception website. L’Exception is committed to collecting opinions from its customers independently and in complete transparency, and ensures that it responds to them within 24 hours.

Long-term partnerships

At l'Exception we are committed to financially helping social and environmental associations, which is why we are committed to creating lasting relationships with our partners in order to participate in a social and solidarity economy.

Across the entire value chain of the fashion and textile industry, women are at the forefront: they represent more than 80% of people employed in the value chain: picking, weaving, assembling, buying, offer, recycle. For this reason, L’Exception has chosen to support the Women’s Foundation which works for women’s rights and the fight against the violence of which they are victims.

The scope of action of the Women's Foundation operates on three levels: material, financial and legal.
- financial support: the Foundation distributes the donations received to local associations.
- legal support: the Force Juridique’s network of volunteer lawyers works to advance women’s rights.
- material support: the Foundation collects and distributes essential products and provides shared offices for associations.
The position of L'Exception is in line with that of the Fondation des Femmes: the changes necessary for gender equality are as much a matter for women as for men and require, above all, education, the key to the fight against stereotypes. gender.

We support the action of the Women's Foundation through communications on our magazine or our social networks. We also collect donations which we donate in full to the Foundation.
At L'Exception, environmental actions are very important, which is why we are committed to a key player: Reforest'Action, a specialist in the preservation and restoration of forests around the world. It is a French company certified B-Corp which has today financed more than 23 million trees in 42 countries.

At L’Exception, every little gesture counts, we are happy to be able to contribute to this collective commitment. Since 2018, L'Exception has offered its customers at the end of their purchasing journey the opportunity to act for the forest thanks to its partnership with Reforest Action. Strengthening natural ecosystems and developing carbon sinks are an absolute necessity to preserve biodiversity and fight climate change.

Institutional partners

L'Exception takes an active part in the fashion eco-system in Paris.

L'Exception is a member of the Paris Good Fashion association which brings together fashion players for fashion that respects the environment and human rights. The association regularly shares informative and legislative content that allows L'Exception teams to continue working in the right direction.
L'Exception is a member of the Distance Selling Federation (FEVAD). This non-profit association aims to support the ethical and sustainable development of e-commerce and distance selling in France. Membership is only reserved for the best French e-commerce sites. As a member, L’Exception undertakes to respect the FEVAD quality charter. Thus, L'exception applies an ethical, responsible approach that respects consumer rights.

In the event of a dispute, L'Exception customers also benefit from the services of the FEVAD mediator:
> By mail to 60 Rue La Boétie – 75008 Paris
> via its website
After the customer's prior written approach to L'Exception, the Mediator's service may be contacted for any consumer dispute that has not been resolved successfully.
Our company is committed to working in accordance with the Ecommerce Europe Code of Conduct, ensuring ethical standards in the digital market. We are part of the Trust Ecommerce Europe label, ensuring better protection for consumers and merchants. This label helps establish a bond of trust between online stores and customers. The objective is to secure payments during purchases and to guarantee the best possible protection for our customers.
L'Exception is an active member of the Fédération du Prêt-à-Porter Féminin. Régis Pennel, founder of L'Exception, sits on the Board of Directors of the Paris Women's Fashion Union. This membership strengthens our link with the fashion ecosystem in France and leads us to exchange with other brands to contribute to the issues and actions to promote French fashion.
by Régis PENNEL, founder of L'Exception

To find out more about our ECO X CEPTION criteria, click here.
If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts with us, contact us.

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