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Perfume for Men

Frequently asked questions
Choosing a perfume, and particularly a new perfume or a first perfume, is no mean feat. The perfume must be suitable and reflect your personality, so that it represents who you really are. This involves a certain amount of introspection to consider how we perceive ourselves, what we want to convey and what our olfactory preferences and personal tastes are. If you like floral, oriental, woody or fresh fragrances, this can influence your choice. It's also essential to take your habits and lifestyle into account, so as to remain consistent. A light, subtle fragrance with fresh notes will be ideal for everyday use, such as going to work. In this case, it seems preferable to choose a men's eau de toilette, while a more intense eau de parfum is best reserved for more special occasions, as it can give you a sensual touch, a more sophisticated and daring style, or a more charismatic allure. What's more, if you've already scented yourself with some of the best-selling and timeless perfume brands, such as Paco Rabanne, Hugo Boss, Yves Saint Laurent or Jean Paul Gaultier, for example, you should know how the different olfactory notes react on contact with your skin. In fact, each scent reacts differently to different skin types, so it's important to know which notes - be they citrus, woody or floral - go perfectly with your skin. Perfumes generally represent an undeniable means of expression for men and women alike, and if you know what scents you like and what type of perfume you'd like to have, then our online perfume shop is the ideal place to indulge yourself. You'll also find small refills to slip under your coat for irresistible everyday use.
When choosing your men's fragrances, you're bound to have heard of eaux de toilette, eaux de parfum or even eaux de cologne, so many different names, but they don't exist for nothing. In fact, the main difference between an eau de toilette and an eau de parfum lies in their concentration of fragrant essences, which will influence the power and longevity of your perfume. Eau de toilette has a lower concentration of fragrance oils, generally between 5% and 15%. As a result, the scent is lighter and lasts longer on the skin. It's often a more appropriate choice for occasions when a subtle fragrance is preferred. Scents are often similar to those of eau de parfum. Major brands often offer both. For example, you'll find boss bottled, acqua di gio or terre d'Hermès in both eau de toilette and eau de parfum. Eau de parfum has a higher concentration of fragrance oils, usually between 15% and 20%. Eau de parfum offers a more intense and persistent fragrance. In fact, it lasts longer on the skin and gives off a more pronounced scent, making it a popular choice for those looking for a scent that lasts throughout the day. In short, the choice between an eau de toilette and an eau de parfum depends on your personal preferences in terms of olfactory intensity and the desired duration of the fragrance.
Perfume is an art. To maximize the effect of a fragrance, here are a few tips for effective application. First, it's important to focus on warm areas of the body. Apply perfume to areas where body heat is highest, such as the wrists, neck, elbows, behind the ears and knees. In fact, all fragrances react better on warm areas of the body, as they help to intensify and diffuse the fragrance. What's more, to best retain fragrance, it's important to have well-moisturized skin, with men's cosmetics that you'll sometimes find in perfume gift sets. Apply an unscented or scented cream before perfume to help seal in moisture and prolong fragrance hold. After applying perfume, avoid rubbing your wrists together. This can alter the olfactory notes and diminish the fragrance's effect. It's also essential to spray your perfume at the right distance. Keep the perfume bottle about 15-20 cm from your skin for even distribution. Don't spray too close to avoid excessive concentration. You should also avoid overloading to prevent it becoming unpleasant by using a moderate amount. A few sprays provide a certain freshness and are often sufficient. What's more, this optimizes the life of your bottles. Keep your perfume in a cool, dark place to prevent degradation. Variations in temperature and direct light can alter fragrance quality. By following these tips, you'll optimize the effect of your perfume and contribute to a longer-lasting olfactory experience. L'Exception's perfumery offers a wide range of eaux de parfums.
Men's eaux de parfums and eaux de toilette come in a wide range of olfactory notes and families, each bringing its own personality to the composition, bringing out masculinity, a seductive side or a timeless elegance. So it's up to your personal taste to find your favorite men's fragrance. Here are a few details on some of these families. First, you'll find woody notes including aromas like cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver. They often bring a feeling of warmth and a touch of masculinity, even virility. Spicy scents are also very present in men's fragrances. Spices such as black pepper, cinnamon and ginger are often used. Each spicy note adds a touch of sensuality and liveliness to your fragrance. For men's fragrances, citrus fruits such as lemon, bergamot, grapefruit or mandarin are used to bring a certain slightly fruity freshness, lively and energetic. Aromatic notes include herbs such as lavender, lily of the valley, sage and rosemary. They often give a clean, elegant, floral and natural feel. Finally, oriental notes include ingredients such as vanilla, patchouli and musk. Oriental fragrances have a sensual warmth and captivating depth. The combination of these notes creates a variety of men's fragrances, suited to different preferences and occasions, creating classics or more original scents to reflect the man you are.
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