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Jeans for Men

Frequently asked questions
At L'Exception, we select our denim brands with care. Of course, the great classic is Levi's with its iconic 501. We offer it in its Levi's Vintage Clothing version. A true purist's jean.
And of course there are the APC jeans with their two flagship cuts: Petit Standard and New Standard. Our favourite brands also include Canadian jeans from Naked and Famous, Japanese jeans from Edwin, ecological jeans from Nudie Jeans and jeans made in France by Ateliers de Nimes.
We offer four main cuts: straight jeans, slim jeans, skinny jeans and wide-leg jeans.
A selvedge jean is one where the fabric has been woven and finished evenly to the end to prevent fraying and to strengthen the fabric. The looms on which these fabrics are woven are often older and slower than traditional looms and produce fabrics with character. The most famous fabrics come from the United States, Japan and Italy, but there are also excellent European (Portugal, etc.) and Turkish fabrics whose know-how is well established.
Are you a purist? Wear it for as long as possible (6 months/1 year minimum) before taking a dip in the sea and rubbing it in the sand. You'll get a wash like no other. Don't want to wait and that little stain looks at you the wrong way? Turn your jeans inside out and wash them by hand in cold water in a basin with a capful of dark wash. Alternatively, turn them inside out in your washing machine on a cold programme with dark detergent, alone or with dark colours. ATTENTION: we recommend that you always wash your jeans inside out, otherwise unsightly whiskers may appear.
Because we have the best selection of jeans from worldwide famous brands. All our jeans are genuine from the brands and shipped all over the world.
Are you confused between the different APC Standards? Here's how to tell them apart: the New Standard is a straight-leg, mid-rise jean, the Petit Standard is a low-rise jean with a slim leg, and the Petit New Standard is a mid-rise jean with a very tight leg that tapers at the ankle.
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