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Born in 2002, Maison Kitsuné from the meeting between Gildas Loaëc, who was at the time manager and
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Frequently asked questions
The history of the Maison Kitsuné clothing brand dates back to its creation in 2002 by Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, two music and fashion enthusiasts. Originally, the brand emerged as an independent music label, with an aesthetic influenced by electronic music and the Parisian art scene. However, Maison Kitsuné's vision was not limited to music, and it quickly expanded its footprint by launching a full range of menswear, shoes and accessories. The aim was to create a brand offering a complete wardrobe, from essential basics to the most fashionable pieces, meeting the sartorial needs of every man. Maison Kitsuné stands out for its casual yet chic cuts, offering timelessly elegant clothing. Each collection reflects the latest fashion trends while remaining true to an urban aesthetic. The brand's garments and accessories are designed to dress the modern man elegantly and comfortably, for all occasions, from everyday to more sophisticated moments. Maison Kitsuné's clothing range is characterized by versatile silhouettes, from casual pieces to more formal elements. Mid-season garments offer a solution for an urban lifestyle, while emphasizing casual elegance. Over the years, Maison Kitsuné has consolidated its position as one of the essential men's fashion brands, offering varied collections for men that keep pace with fashion trends. The brand continues to embody a fusion of Parisian chic and glamour with a casual urban spirit, defining its identity in the contemporary menswear universe. Today, Maison Kitsuné remains a wardrobe reference for those seeking clothes and accessories that combine style, comfort and elegance, adapting to all facets of modern life. You'll find every new collection at L'Exception.
Maison Kitsuné, as a casual and versatile brand, embodies a harmonious fusion of Parisian elegance and Japanese aesthetics. The fox, the brand's symbol, represents duality, a characteristic found in its menswear. Maison Kitsuné fashion expresses itself through timeless, tailored garments, emphasizing meticulous finishing and modern cuts. The colors used in their collections are meticulously chosen, allowing customers to match pieces to create an elegant yet casual total look. Whether for formal or informal occasions, Maison Kitsuné offers fashion for every occasion. The brand's collections offer a range of choices, from casual pieces to more elegant creations, allowing everyone to match their wardrobe to their personal style. Maison Kitsuné menswear embodies the essence of casual chic, with tailored cuts and sophisticated details. Timelessness is a distinguishing characteristic of Maison Kitsuné creations. Garments are designed to withstand the fluctuations of trends, offering elegant options for every season. The brand's total looks reflect this approach, enabling customers to create casual yet elegant ensembles suitable for any occasion. In short, Maison Kitsuné offers menswear that combines elegance, casualness and timelessness. With meticulous finishing, tailored cuts and a well-chosen color palette, the brand allows everyone to mix and match their wardrobe to create looks suited to every occasion, while maintaining a modern, versatile aesthetic.
The centerpiece of Maison Kitsuné's spring-summer collection is undoubtedly the ecru cotton round-neck tee. This versatile garment embodies casual elegance with its short sleeves, offering a neutral canvas for expressing personal style. Available in a variety of shades, from navy blue and khaki to mottled gray and brown, this tee suits every occasion. The shirt's straight, oversize cut makes it remarkably versatile, pairing harmoniously with a chino for a sophisticated look, or under a jacket for a casual look. Its exceptional cotton construction guarantees optimum comfort all day long. Whether it's a casual day with high-waisted pants, a sweatshirt and sneakers, or a lively evening with slim-fit or linen pants, this tee remains an essential choice. Its ecru tone, in particular, adds a touch of summer freshness, while color variations, such as dark blue, dark or light gray and camel, broaden the stylistic options. Adaptable to every outfit, from casual to formal, Maison Kitsuné's round-neck tee represents a perfect balance between timeless style and modernity. With its streamlined aesthetic, this piece stands out as an essential part of every man's wardrobe, meeting every man's needs for the spring-summer season.
Maison Kitsuné, at the forefront of new trends, distinguishes itself by the meticulous use of various materials in the making of its garments. The collections reflect a balance between contemporary style and comfort, featuring elements such as fleece, classic cotton or organic cotton and polyester. Whether through cozy hoodies, casual T-shirts, elegant blouses or sophisticated round-neck sweaters, each piece is designed to fit different body shapes. The attention paid to the diversity of cuts and sizes enables Maison Kitsuné to meet everyone's needs, making every occasion a unique styling opportunity. Stripes, emblematic of the brand, are skilfully integrated into their creations, adding a distinctive touch to the garments. What's more, the commitment to European manufacturing underscores the brand's environmental awareness, offering sustainable alternatives for eco-conscious fashion lovers. Whether it's a casual round-neck sweater suitable for casual days or a sophisticated blouse for special occasions, Maison Kitsuné skilfully combines modern aesthetics with quality materials, creating a diverse range of clothing that appeals to a diverse audience. Each item embodies contemporary elegance, celebrating versatility and individuality through thoughtful material choices.
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