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Norse Projects for Men

Created in 2004, Norse Projects quickly became the standard-bearer of the Scandinavian style, charac
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Frequently asked questions
Norse Projects is a timeless, must-have clothing brand of Danish origin, founded in Copenhagen in 2004 by Tobia Sloth, Mikkel Grønnebæk, and Anton Juul. In its early days, the brand focused primarily on cap design, but quickly expanded its range to include apparel and accessories, offering a broad spectrum of products. Norse Projects' approach focuses on functionality, quality materials and typically Scandinavian minimalist design. The brand is inspired by Nordic aesthetics and silhouettes, and the influence of Denmark's changing climate, which is reflected in its collections, with an emphasis on versatile, seasonally-appropriate pieces. Over the years, Norse Projects has gained recognition for its commitment to quality craftsmanship, simple aesthetics and collaborations with other brands and artists. It has expanded its international presence and become a benchmark in the world of contemporary menswear. Norse Projects is the brand to have in your wardrobe, so don't hesitate to discover our Norse Projects men's collection at L'Exception.
Norse Projects' inspirations stem from the Scandinavian aesthetic, characterized by simplicity with solid colors, functionalism with comfortable materials and minimalism. The brand is also inspired by Denmark's changing climate, which often translates into designs and cuts adapted to seasonal variations. Indeed, Denmark's changing climate influences the choice of materials for mid-season or colder periods, and this also influences the functionality of the garments. The collections are designed to be both elegant and chic, and adapted to changing weather conditions. Norse Projects is also inspired by the tradition of Danish craftsmanship, emphasizing quality materials and meticulous manufacturing. The brand also regularly collaborates with other brands, artists and designers, integrating diverse creative influences into its collections, sure to delight your men's wardrobe. In short, Norse Projects draws its inspiration from Nordic simplicity, climate-appropriate functionality, quality craftsmanship and creative collaborations, creating a distinctive, contemporary style with perfect finishes.
Norse Projects offers a diverse clothing collection of garments and accessories, and there isn't necessarily a single product that can be designated as the flagship. However, the brand is particularly well known for its knitwear, lightweight long-sleeved jackets and caps, which have contributed to its reputation. Norse Projects' iconic products include merino wool pullovers in a range of colors, such as khaki navy, light gray and mottled gray, as well as parkas and caps. These items embody the brand's design principles, emphasizing quality materials, functionality and the minimalist style typical of Scandinavian aesthetics. Norse Projects continues to innovate with new collections, regularly introducing pieces that capture the attention of its followers. Wearing Norse Projects clothing can be versatile, depending on personal style and occasion. Here are a few suggestions for incorporating Norse Projects items into your wardrobe. Pair a Norse Projects merino wool round-neck sweater with slim, loose-fit or skinny jeans or slim-fit chino pants for a casual yet stylish look. Add sneakers or casual shoes to complete the look. You can also use Norse Projects' lightweight jackets as blousons in the colder months. They work well with sweaters, blouses and jeans. Don't forget to add a scarf for an extra touch of warmth and glamour. Norse Projects parkas and coats can also be incorporated into a more sophisticated urban look by following the latest trends. Wear them over a well-tailored button-down shirt with dress pants and leather shoes for a chic, modern look. Norse Projects caps can be added to a casual outfit with a hoodie or short-sleeved tee for a relaxed streetwear look.If you opt for Norse Projects clothing suitable for outdoor activities, be sure to pair it with hard-wearing pants, hiking boots and practical accessories for a functional look. You'll find the perfect Norse Projects outfit for every occasion.
Norse Projects favors the use of high-quality, timeless materials to ensure the durability, comfort and timeless style of its men's fashion garments. The materials used vary from item to item and from collection to collection, but here are some of the materials commonly associated with the brand. Often used for sweaters and knitwear, merino wool is renowned for its softness, lightness and thermoregulatory properties. Cotton, also widely used, is a versatile material widely used for t-shirts, oversized hoodies, shirts and other apparel items. Stretch cotton is also used by the brand, offering a soft, breathable feel. For its outdoor items, Norse Projects sometimes uses Gore-Tex fabrics, known for their waterproofing and breathability, ensuring protection against the elements. Linen is sometimes incorporated into collections for its breathable properties, particularly in garments adapted to warmer climates for the spring-summer season. These material choices illustrate Norse Projects' commitment to quality, functionality and style. The diversity of materials used enables the brand to create garments suited to different seasons and occasions.
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