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Medecine Douce for Women

Médecine Douce exudes harmony and offers its vision of beauty through its creations. Marie M
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Frequently asked questions
Marie Montaud, the founder of Médecine Douce, launched the brand in 2000 with a creative vision and a desire to fuse elegance, timeless refinement and glamour with elements inspired by her extensive travels. The women's jewelry collections are often influenced by a variety of cultures, with ethnic touches ranging from the East to the West. Médecine Douce creations are distinguished by the use of natural materials such as mother-of-pearl, coral, semi-precious stones and precious metals. The brand's craftsmen work meticulously to create unique pieces, combining traditional know-how with contemporary design. Over the years, Médecine Douce has expanded its range to include fashion accessories such as belts and scarves for women, while remaining true to its refined aesthetic. Having collaborated with big names such as Christian Lacroix and Agnès B, the brand has won over an international clientele and is present in high-end fashion boutiques around the world. Located on rue de Marseille in Paris's 10th arrondissement, Médecine Douce has developed a distinctive bohemian style, and today sets the standard for Parisian jewelry. Any occasion is a good one for strolling the streets of Paris adorned with Médecine Douce jewelry to accessorize your finest outfits. You'll find plenty of pieces from the new Médecine Douce collection at L'Exception to please yourself or make the perfect gift.
The jewelry collections of the Médecine Douce brand are inspired by the travels of its founder, Marie Montaud. The costume jewelry collections reflect a variety of cultural influences, from the East to the West. Ethnic motifs, colored gemstones or semi-precious stones, vibrant colors and natural elements play an important role in the design of the pieces, while shapes such as chokers, Creole earrings and pompoms are also inspired by her travels. In addition to the many journeys that have inspired Marie Montaud, nature itself is a constant source of inspiration for the brand. Médecine Douce creations frequently incorporate organic materials such as mother-of-pearl, coral and other semi-precious stones. This connection with nature is reflected in delicate, harmonious designs such as the many representations of flowers. Traditional craftsmanship is also a major influence, with a commitment to artisanal manufacturing techniques. Médecine Douce's aesthetic thus combines timeless elegance with contemporary elements, creating unique jewels that capture the imagination of those seeking an original, sophisticated and timeless style.
Médecine Douce offers a wide range of jewelry and accessories of all kinds, especially earrings, which are often praised for their sophisticated design and undeniable craftsmanship, made in 24-carat gold-plated brass, gold-plated or even mother-of-pearl. Popular styles include delicate clasp earrings such as the zazie dangling earrings in gilded brass and Swarovski crystals, creoles revisited with original details such as chains or adorned with malachite and sweetwater pearls, and models adorned with semi-precious stones. The brand pays particular attention to the selection of high-quality materials, such as silver, gold plating, mother-of-pearl and other natural stones. These choices of materials contribute to the distinctive aesthetic of Médecine Douce jewelry, which gives you a certain elegance. In terms of popularity, Médecine Douce's earring collections have often been well received by fashion enthusiasts and are frequently featured in trade publications. The Médecine Douce jewelry brand offers rather imposing pieces. For this reason, you have two options. Go for a sober look to show off those pretty gemstones, or dare a colorful outfit for a flashy total look.
For each jewelry collection, the Médecine Douce brand favors the use of high-quality materials, often of natural origin, to create its women's rings, bracelets and necklaces. Most of the jewelry we offer is made in gold-plated brass or yellow gold; none is made in silver-plated metal or stainless steel, as these materials do not represent the brand's DNA. Some of the materials frequently used by the brand include precious metals. Indeed, the Médecine Douce brand often uses gold plating, offering a wide selection of timeless gold jewelry, and other precious metals such as crystals, in the manufacture of its jewelry, ensuring high quality and durability. Semi-precious stones are also used extensively in its jewelry line. The brand's collections regularly incorporate natural stones such as mother-of-pearl, coral, onyx and other semi-precious stones, adding a touch of elegance and color like turquoise or vermeil to match many pieces in your wardrobe. Organic materials are equally dominant in jewelry design. Médecine Douce also stands out for its use of organic materials such as wood, mother-of-pearl and resin, creating original pieces that celebrate nature. Some designs include textile elements such as cords or fabrics, adding an extra dimension to the creativity of the jewelry, making it truly designer jewelry. The diversity of these materials contributes to the uniqueness of Médecine Douce's women's jewelry creations, offering customers a variety of aesthetic options and delicate styles. With such a wide range on offer, you're bound to find something to add to your jewelry box, from elegant long necklaces and chokers, to gold bracelets and earrings, to an infinite number of designs to suit your tastes.
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