L'Exception set out to discover Barker's made-in-England footwear at their Northampton workshop.

Adrian Gell, Barker's Sales Director, tells you the story of this English flagship in this report.

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A Remarkable Heritage

Barker's history dates back to 1880, when Arthur Barker, a gentleman with a passion for shoe craftsmanship, founded the brand. Now in its 144th year, Barker embodies the quintessence of British elegance and quality. Originating in the village of Earls Barton, the brand has thrived on its dedication to family tradition and craftsmanship excellence.

The Beginnings: A Family Adventure

Arthur Barker was much more than a shoe manufacturer. He scoured the streets of London in search of the best materials and the most prestigious orders. His family was closely involved in the manufacturing process, contributing to the brand's growing renown.
The Goodyear Sewing Technique: Exceptional know-how
From the outset, Barker has distinguished itself through its mastery of Goodyear stitching, a manufacturing technique renowned for its durability and quality. Inspired by Charles Goodyear's 1873 invention in the USA, this artisanal method involves a meticulous process involving over 200 manual operations for each pair of shoes.

An Ancestral Manufacture


Barker's workshop in Earls Barton has been the heart of the brand since its inception. Originally built in the 1980s, the space symbolizes Barker's unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Every pair of shoes that leaves this workshop embodies the brand's centuries-old heritage and tradition.

Barker's Classic Elegance


Barker's signature lies in its commitment to producing timeless shoes inspired by the styles of the 1950s and 1960s. The English richelieu remains the brand's signature model, testifying to its attachment to British elegance and sophistication. Each pair of Barker shoes is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, where attention to detail is an absolute priority.

Eco-responsible commitment

With sustainability in mind, Barker takes an eco-responsible approach by using leather from the meat industry. No material is wasted in the manufacturing process, with each piece of leather carefully used to minimize waste. This responsible approach reflects Barker's commitment to the environment and the preservation of natural resources.

An Exceptional Manufacturing Process


Each pair of Barker shoes is the result of meticulous work by passionate craftsmen. With up to 60 manual steps, the manufacturing process bears witness to the brand's unique expertise. Every gesture is imbued with tradition and precision, guaranteeing the exceptional quality that characterizes Barker shoes.

Innovation and Adaptation for the Future

Looking to the future, Barker remains committed to its core values while adapting to market developments and changing consumer needs. By developing its women's collection, which has been neglected for several years, and exploring new designs and materials, the brand intends to remain relevant while preserving its heritage. But also by teaming up with strategic partners such as L'Exception and investing in new technologies and social networks, Barker is preparing to meet the challenges of the modern market while remaining true to its tradition of excellence.

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