The year 2024 has made its grand entrance with its trends, its first fashion week and its novelties. Among them: bags, whether big, small, black or colored, they were and will inevitably be part of our looks. L'Exception then set out for you, in search of the trendiest bag shapes of 2024. And yes, beyond its color, the shape of your bag is not to be overlooked and will give you a stylish look!

The "half-moon":

Its refined, elegant and singular shape will be making a splash in 2024. Indeed, its curved design marks its difference and yet allows it to match many looks, while bringing something extra! In other words, whether you're out for a stroll or an evening out, this bag has become a must-have for 2024, and should definitely land in your collection!
Here's a selection featured on L'Exception in our handbag section.

See the Maestoso bag

See Polo Ralph Lauren bag



The tote bag :

Large and practical, the tote bag is a timeless trend that can be useful in a wide variety of situations. 2024 will be no exception, and it too intends to bring the iconic tote bag to the fore. Whether you're on a shopping spree, in the office, out on the town or at the airport, it's never far away. If you haven't already, and want to get in on the trends, this bag is your next purchase! Here's a selection from our L'Exception section women's tote bag.




Clutch bag :

Sometimes overlooked, clutches are making a big entrance in the new year. As one of 2024's trendiest shapes, don't hesitate to take your clutch out of the wardrobe! Whether you're celebrating in the evening or spending an afternoon with the essentials, this shape will be ideal for adding a minimalist, elegant touch to your outfit. Here's a selection from our section at L'Exception clutch



The "bucket" :

Original yet classic, the bucket bag is the perfect compromise between the comfort of a large bag and the refinement of a cylindrical bag. It's sure to complement your style and adapt to your every move without ever getting in your way. Here's a selection from our section at L'Exception bucket bag.



The "baguette" :

In vogue for several months now, the baguette bag is becoming a real star! Its elongated shape and shoulder-carrying design make it a real eye-catcher, with a style that's both retro and on the cutting edge of fashion. Here's a selection from our L'Exception section women's bags.



The "banana" :

The fanny pack has been making a comeback in our wardrobes for some years now. First introduced a long time ago, the fanny pack has its own unique characteristics. Worn on the waist, belt or shoulder, it gives you access to all your essentials while allowing you to move around freely. Available in a wide range of sizes, large or small, the fanny pack can be adapted to suit your needs and desires! Sportswear, casual and trendy, this accessory makes no difference and is a must-have for everyone. Here's a selection from our section at L'Exception banana bags.




The "net" :

The net bag, also known as the crochet bag, is the star of the summer. Once confined to markets and food shops, it's now seeing the big picture and making its way into our everyday lives. It's become a city essential, and its handmade nature gives it all its charm and originality. So the net bag is not just practical, it's also very trendy! Here's a selection from our L'Exception section .




Denim bag:

Denim is such a trendy material that no piece of fashion escapes it! The bag can be dressed up or down to match your jeans, in a variety of shapes and shades, each as fashionable as the next. Sophisticated or casual, the jean bag can be adapted to suit you. Here's a selection from our L'Exception section women's bags.




The "jewel" bag :

The jewellery bag is a two-in-one accessory, representing both your handbag and your jewellery. Each brand brings its own unique look to the bags, so the jewellery can be integrated through the clasp, or in many other ways. It can add the finishing touch to your evening outfit, or brighten up your everyday wear! Here's a selection from our section at L'Exception women's bags.




No matter which of these bags will make your heart skip a beat, each of them is a must-have for 2024. If you didn't know which bag to get to stay on trend, don't ask yourself any more!

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