Kaai, the bag for active women

Kaai is a Belgian brand of elegant bags for active women. Chic and functional, Kaai bags were created for women by women. Combining functionality and femininity, the bags are handcrafted from exceptional, durable materials. Minimalist in design, Kaai products stand up to all the daily activities of women with busy schedules!
Find out more in our interview with Helga Meersmans, one of the founders of this beautiful brand.

Kaai is a brand designed by women for women, can you describe the beginning of the Kaai adventure?

The real beginnings of KAAI took place in London. As I had to travel back and forth to London every week, I needed a well-organized bag. But it had to be fashionable. This proved impossible to find. Something had to be done. After interviewing many women, it turned out they had the same wish.


Find the Pyramid model on our site.

You say you're inspired by Art Deco, can you tell us more about the identity and inspiration for your brand?

Art Deco is an architectural style characterized by the use of geometric shapes and lines and a warm color palette. This allows it to generate a very pure, timeless design that can be relied on season after season. Antwerp (our home port) has been home to many renowned Art Deco architects. So we're happy to use Art Deco as the basis for our designs. The best example is our Pyramid ( triangle) but also, for example, our Mini Arche ( arch).

Can you tell us more about your product design and manufacturing processes as well as your workshops?

The design and creation of prototypes are carried out in-house. We first listen to our customers' wishes by holding interviews and listening to them in our stores. First, the design takes into account all the objects they wish to carry. A drawing is then made, followed by the creation of a mock-up. This gives a good idea of size and shape. Only then is the drawing elaborated in detail and passed on to the workshop, which will create the patterns on this basis. This is followed by several series of prototypes. All in all, it takes more than a year for a model to reach the market.

Where do your raw materials come from?

All our raw materials come from ecologically and socially certified companies in Italy.


Find the Midi Bowler model on our site.

How Kaai participates in "slow fashion"

First of all, we envision timeless design. In addition, the materials and concept of the bag are highly durable (work bag leather is scratch and water resistant), so you'll be able to enjoy your bag for years without having to buy a new one.

How do you see Kaai's future?

A person who buys a Kaai bag isn't buying just any bag. She's joining a community of active, cosmopolitan women eager to discover new things and connect with others. Our greatest desire is to extend this community beyond national borders, across Europe, America and beyond. Seeing these women who identify with the KAAI lifestyle and feel comfortable in everyday life is a great thing.

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