Find out more about our ECO X CEPTION brands, which are moving the world in the right direction. We were able to chat with Mads Mørup, CEO and founder of Knowledge Cotton Apparel.

Can you tell us about the beginnings of KnowledgeCotton Apparel?

Mads Mørup: Motivated by our 1969 heritage, it all started with a naive idea attempting to revolutionize the textile industry from within. Aware that our actions today pave the way for a better future, we wanted to initiate a platform based on best practices taking into account the well-being of the planet and people.Our task was clear from day one, we must use business as a force to rebuild our planet and help communities thrive worldwide. Armed with our knowledge of the dubious conditions in our industry, we began our journey by making changes. And from day one, it was the most gratifying feeling ever measured of the impact of our work. And that feeling is still our motivation today.

Where does your brand's inspiration come from?

Mads Mørup: As a brand, our inspiration comes from the great environmental challenges facing humanity and the future of our planet. It's really as simple as that. It all comes down to being aware of the impact we have on our Earth. The choice is ours. We all can and must make changes. We tell ourselves it's time to act, and that's also our source of motivation - making daily decisions based on knowledge and action. Leading this company has always been about believing we can make a difference, and as a company, we're determined to continue to challenge the conventions of the textile industry, to be on the lookout for new innovations while staying true to our vision.

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Can you tell us more about your manufacturing processes and workshops?

Mads Mørup: We are a global company that operates on a global scale. That's why we work with long-standing partners all over the world. Partners who have the same mindset and values as we do, and who are willing to go the extra mile for a better world. We bring with us an understanding of the need for balance. Of cooperation as the key to success. Therefore, "together" is a key word throughout our manufacturing process.To ensure that we constantly develop and improve in what we do, we believe in surrounding ourselves with organizations and partners who are the best in their respective fields. This forces us to challenge ourselves, push our methods and mindset, and stay innovative. We also place high demands on our partners in terms of fair working conditions, certified fabrics and traceable processes. As a result, we choose our collaborations very carefully and are totally transparent with the partnerships and certifications we've deemed most qualified to work with - it's all about credibility.

Can you tell us more about the eco-responsible/ethical materials you use?

Mads Mørup: We're in love with natural fibers. And, as our name suggests, the main material used for us is cotton. Over time, we've seen our cotton communities become much more than just partners; today we consider them our close friends. And together, we're becoming one big community.Over the past two years, we've worked hard to convert cotton growers to regenerative organic cotton - a hopeful solution that aims to reverse global warming and repair our damaged planet. Regenerative practices maximize soil carbon fixation by increasing carbon-rich soil organic matter. This in turn draws CO2 out of the atmosphere, effectively reversing the greenhouse effect. It's the most inspiring project we've ever launched.In addition to certified organic regenerative cotton, we also use GOTS-certified cotton and linen. And GRS-certified recycled materials for specific product groups. From now on, we also offset the carbon footprint of our entire supply chain by supporting various climate projects, making not only our company carbon positive, but all our products as well.

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How does KnowledgeCotton Apparel participate in "slow fashion"?

Mads Mørup: Every item in our collection reflects the "buy less, buy better" philosophy on which we build our heritage. We connect the past and the future by focusing on reliable quality pieces that rhyme with our authentic values and passion for the global environmental movement. Many of our designs have a timeless, inter-seasonal appeal linked to our beloved high-end basics.To protect our natural resources, we must continue to use products and materials. Therefore, each component is carefully extracted and designed to follow the user through all of life's events with a long lifespan. By reducing the production of raw materials and energy consumption, we prevent negative effects on the environment by taking care of residual materials and waste. The production of regenerated (recycled) fibers and yarns helps reduce the need for waste incineration and landfill.

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How do you imagine the future of KnowledgeCotton Apparel?

Mads Mørup: As a clothing company, we can't change the world alone. But we're determined to make a difference in our own industry. We envision a future characterized by regenerative practices, where people and nature harmonize, and our joint efforts make a difference for tomorrow's generations.We place great faith in holistic regenerative farming practices prioritizing soil health while simultaneously ensuring farmers' health and wealth and high standards of animal welfare. We are convinced that these practices can help avoid deforestation, one of our greatest climate threats, and put an end to desertification and soil degradation.To date, we have converted 397 of our cotton farming families in 27 villages in India to this highest organic standard. Our next mission is to support, village by village, a further 800 farms in their conversion to regenerative organic cotton farming.Faithful to our belief in a better future.

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