A few days ago, in the heart of Paris's 8th arrondissement, the twelfth edition of the E. Fashion Awards took place, a ceremony that highlights, encourages and rewards new talent in ethical and responsible fashion. As a prelude to Fashion Week, the annual show proudly presented fifteen candidates, including two duos, who paraded two outfits each before an audience admiring their commitment and expression combining corporate social responsibility, style and aesthetics.

L'Exception, jury member of the E. Fashion Awards 2023

L'Exception is proud to have been a jury member of such an event, represented by Anne Jacob Woman Buyer at L'Exception.
To ensure a fair and transparent judging process, the competition's godmother, Alessandra Lobba, CSR and Sustainable Development Director at Maison Agnès b, and the E. Fashion Awards organizing committee set up a rigorous selection and scoring system.
Before the fashion show, earlier in the day, the finalists had the chance to meet each member of the jury individually. During these exchanges, the finalists were able to present their work in detail to the jury members and answer their questions. It was at the end of these meetings that the jury members were able to select the two profiles: the Hope for Responsible Fashion, which rewards the most promising student sensitive to issues of corporate social responsibility, and the Revelation, which rewards a young brand created less than 5 years ago, observing and adopting all the codes of committed and responsible fashion.

Anne Jacob, jury member and Woman Buyer at L'exception, comments: "This event is an opportunity for a buyer to discover emerging talent, observe young people's viewpoints on consumption and understand their aspirations. This year, Solange captivated me with her vision of a globetrotting nomad with a thirst for discovery. She has created a line of clothing that is modular and adaptable, like a chameleon skin, affordable and lightweight enough to fit in a backpack. Sixtine's creations are adaptable to any situation, in harmony with the diverse experiences and perspectives of her career, both in the present and for the future, and she has transformed raw, recycled materials into delicate, dreamlike garments. She offers an imaginary world that contrasts with her lucidity on climate issues. Her work represents a hope to be followed.

Who's behind the two talents of the E. Fashion Awards 2023?

The two 2023 talents honored are:
- SIXTINE MARTINEZ, a student at ModArt International Paris, who wins the "Hope for Responsible Fashion" award for her EROSION collection.
- SOLANGE HÉBERT (VERSATILE Collection) who wins the "Revelation for Responsible Fashion" award.

Concours E. Fashion Awards

Solange Hébert was honored by the jury as "Revelation for Responsible Fashion" for her VERSATILE brand and its collection of ethical and responsible clothing. The brand is part of a slow-fashion approach and contributes to the fight against overconsumption and the production of highly polluting textiles. It favors the use of materials that respect human beings and the environment, such as linen, organic cotton, tencel, cupro, recycled fabrics and fine rolls.

The innovation that has set Solange Hébert apart lies in the versatility of its garments, designed to suit all occasions, whether for a walk, a casual outing, a business meeting or other leisure activities. These garments also offer 2-in-1 up to 8-in-1 functionality, providing different wearing options.

In addition, it was Solange Hébert's inclusive approach that caught the jury's attention. Indeed, her brand has been designed with two main aspects in mind. Firstly, the collections are mainly produced in Ateliers Chantiers d'Insertion (ACI), thus promoting social and professional integration. Secondly, a portion of each collection's sales will go towards funding empowerment programs for women in West Africa.

Solange Hébert

Sixtine Martinez, is a young designer, she was distinguished as "Hope for responsible fashion" for her collection entitled EROSION. A native of Annecy, France, this 2nd-year student of fashion design at ModArt International Paris has highlighted her sensitivity to issues such as melting glaciers, rising ocean waters and climate change in general. She points out that, although erosion is a natural process that takes years, dramatic climate change and rapidly rising ocean waters have accelerated this process, which will have major consequences for the world's population in the short term, particularly in terms of population displacement.

The silhouettes in her collection are directly inspired by precipitation and water drops. They are adorned with detailed embroidery, recycled fishing line and beads (including Econyl mesh, made from regenerated fibers from the ocean and waste such as discarded fishing nets). These elements add a gorgeous luminous sparkle to outfits.

Sixtine Martinez

Solange and Sixtine were awarded for their approach, the quality of their garments' craftsmanship, their ethical and societal commitment, as well as their choice of responsible materials such as organic, recycled and low-impact certifications, and the use of vegetable tanning and dyes. The product's durability, including ease of repair, timelessness, design to last over time, as well as all the unavoidable aspects of recyclability (use of monomaterial without physical disruptors, e.g. buttons), were also taken into account.

What are the rewards for the two winners of the 2023 competition?

The two 2023 winners were lucky enough to win:
- A Stockman workshop bust (handmade from papier-mâché and entirely recycled).
- A 100-euro gift voucher for La Fée Maraboutée, as well as a GOTS-certified product.
- A GOTS-certified cardigan from Agnès b, as well as a day at the CSR department of the house of Agnès b.
- A half-day of advice from COSE36's "Architects of Sustainable Fashion".
- An introductory session to digital embroidery with Debbie Studio, a committed and inclusive embroidery workshop made in France.
- A 150-euro voucher offered by Uptrade, a platform for valorizing unused fabric stocks. Uptrade is also offering all finalists a 10% discount.

A new eco-responsible direction for the E. Fashion Awards a success

Over the past 12 years, the E. Fashion Awards have become a must-attend annual event. Today, it is supported by the Réseau des Grandes Ecoles Spécialisées, in particular ModArt International, where it is customary to challenge a team of first-year communications students by involving them in the complete organization of the event, from A to Z. The school and its events experts implement the entire structure and organization of the competition, from selecting designers to finding partners, and coordinating with jury members to harmonize each stage of the competition.

This large-scale project proves once again that the fashion industry is open to change, and that the new direction of the E. Fashion Awards represents a real opportunity for young designers, offering them a springboard to shape the future of fashion. It's a shared passion that came to fruition in a highly successful fashion show, heralding a thirteenth edition under the banner of eco-responsibility and conviviality.

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