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Les Glorieuses Feminist Newsletter
Introducing the first culturally feminist newsletter – published every Wednesday and read by
more than 80,000 people from France and afar.

Founded in 2015 by Rebecca Amsellem, Les Glorieuses navigates wide-ranging topics from politics to periods with a post-feminist edge. Tackling hard news like sexual discrimination alongside pop culture, the weekly newsletter has grown into a French-based movement, mobilised by a sorority of like-minded people looking to end gender inequality for good.
Taking their fight to the highest echelons of society, the Les Glorieuses has become a platform for the defence of equal opportunities – launching #3Novembre11h44 to symbolise the annual pay gap that sees women work more hours for less money every year. They are also the driving force behind the non-partisan political platform Les Femmes ont le Pouvoir,
a site that discusses current affairs with a feminist agenda.

The Glorieuses Galaxy:
Les Glorieuses, is a network!
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Rebecca Amsellem Les Glorieuses Founder
Wear Lemonade

When Lisa Gachet, founder of Wear Lemonade, met Rebecca Amsellem, they couldn’t resist working together. Born from their shared passion for female empowerment, the creative duo created theWorkeuse collab – a non-profit collection of lingerie, prêt à porter and inspiring literature to celebrate femininity.

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Christelle Delarue Les Glorieuses

A badass Afro-feminist and star contributor to Les Glorieuses, Kiyémis is the online commentator behind the blog Les Bavardages de Kiyémis and author of À nos Humanités Révoltées (Ed. Métagraphes, 2018). The work echoes across past and present, touching on sororal voices and colonial experiences, bringing discussions to life with a vibrant and pictorial poetry that expresses her inspirations and struggles.

Rebecca Amsellem

A Doctor of economics, columnist, author and founder of Les Glorieuses… Rebecca Amsellem launched the newsletter in 2015 with the aim to put women at the heart of the debate. In April 2018, she published her first book, Les Glorieuses Chroniques d’une féministe (Ed. Hoëbeke) that recounts her personal experiences as a feminist and female rights advocate in today’s
current social climate.

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Wear Lemonade Les Glorieuses
Christelle Delarue

Christelle Delarue was sick and tired of sexist adverts in the streets and on her TV set. That’s why, In 2012, she created the first independent feminist publicity agency to kick-start an advertising revolution. Three years later, she works closely with Les Glorieuses, using her industry expertise to help develop projects and enable positive change towards gender equality.

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Kiyémis Les Glorieuses

“Les Glorieuses is more than just a newsletter, we are a sorority of women united by
a common passion to end gender inequality”

Davanh Zoo is a comic book dealer, spreading the best comics strips and in turn, changing perceptions, opening minds and cultivating the imagination. Les Glorieuses is proud to present its first collaboration with Davanh Zoo, celebrating women through comics. Released in June, stay tuned!

We support the first international press review dedicated to women published in the March 8th edition. Rebecca Amsellem speaks up, take a look!

What's Good Newsletter is the first cultural newsletter created by Melody Thomas and Jennifer Padjemi. A Bi- monthly, each newsletter includes recommendations for articles, books, binge-worthy series and initiatives that matter.

Lallab is a neologism formed by the association of the words "Lalla" (madam in Arabic) and "Lab" (laboratory) representing a think tank for feminist and anti-racial discussion. Lallab is an online magazine and association to express the voices of Muslim women who fall victim to racist and sexual oppression.

The Feminist Collective behind #TwitterAgainstWomen, Feminists Against Cyber Bullying aims to raise awareness of cyber violence and help victims via a network of support councillors and online contacts.

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Written by Esther Thiry

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