The style à la Parisienne is known the world over for its effortlessly chic way of dressing. Every year, Parisiennes demonstrate an innate sense of fashion, embracing new trends while maintaining their timeless style and signature. As the summer of 2023 sets in, the streets of Paris are transformed into veritable catwalks where elegance and refinement reign supreme.In this article, L'Exception reveals this season's must-have fashion trends, enabling you to create looks inspired by Parisian women, where comfort and style meet harmoniously.

Why embrace Parisian style?

Embracing the latest fashion trends, the Parisian woman knows how to add a personal touch to her outfits, while remaining true to her timeless aesthetic style. The 2023 summer season brings a breath of fresh air with pieces and color combinations that perfectly embody Parisian elegance.

Whether you're looking for a casual look for a stroll along the Seine or want to wear a sophisticated outfit for an evening at the theater, we'll guide you through the essentials to have in order to adopt the Parisienne's dressing room style. L'Exception explores the season's key trends for you, highlighting the cuts, fabrics and colors that will enable you to embrace the Parisienne style with ease and confidence.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Parisian fashion and adopt outfits that will make you shine wherever you go, drawing on the emblematic style of the City of Light.

LOOK 1: Going to a terrace for coffee and croissants

For this outing to a Parisian café terrace, we suggest wearing a casual white shirt from the house Bourrienne, accessorizing it with a signed leather handbag A.P.C. in the shape of a horseshoe, and the essential silk scarf Moismont for the elegant touch. An effective look, perfect for an active day à la Parisienne!


LOOK 2: To visit a museum and the Parisian galleries

The Parisian woman appreciates comfortable outfits, but always with a trendy touch. For this, you can go for the iconic, timeless white jeans/t-shirt. L'Exception suggests a sleeveless Momoni straight-cut t-shirt, which you'll wear over loose-fitting denim trousers with exposed seams from the Soeur brand. In footwear, the classic pair of slingbacks by Maison Carel with a small heel for striding the streets of Paris with ease. A real must-have in your wardrobe!


LOOK 3: For a shopping spree with girlfriends

Paris is the capital of fashion, and the Parisian knows Ôhow much you need to be dressed comfortably for a shopping spree. Our suggestion, a Bellerose long dress in royal blue, lightweight and easy to remove in the cabin, with a pair of all-terrain sandals from Anaki. To accessorize, a small Clery bag in cactus leather, in which you'll put only your essentials: phone, keys, and bank card!


LOOK 4: For a picnic at the Jardin du Luxembourg

What could be better than a sweet picnic in the middle of summer in one of the Ville Lumière's many gardens? If you decide to cycle there, L'Exception suggests wearing comfortable chino shorts from the Bellerose brand, accompanied by a large phia shawl from Vanessa Bruno. To avoid any risk of sunstroke, don't leave without your cotton cap Samsoe Samsoe!


LOOK 5: To party on a Parisian rooftop

Paris at night is all about glamour and glitter! For your evening, we suggest the timeless black dress Bash with bare back and side slit for a sexy allure, while remaining free to move. On your feet, a pair of golden Anaki pumps with a small heel, so you can dance the night away, not forgetting your lamé leather Jérôme Dreyfuss clutch bag!


Following the fashion trends of the 2023 summer season, you now have all the keys in hand to incorporate Parisian charm into your wardrobe. Opt for quality pieces, favor impeccable cuts and play with textures and accessories to express your individuality while embracing the essence of Parisian style.