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Outlet for Men AMI Paris

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Frequently asked questions
Born in 1980, Alexandre Mattiussi initially had an inclination for dance, but then turned to the applied arts by joining the Duperré school. After working with prestigious fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs, he founded his own menswear label, Ami, in 2011. The name plays on his initials and also evokes the idea of friendship. In 2012, the first Ami boutique opened, showcasing his collections of clothing, accessories and leather goods. In 2013, the brand won the ANDAM award, supporting emerging talent in the fashion industry. As of 2017, Ami Paris presents four men's collections a year and expanded its offering in 2018 with a first women's collection. Influential in trends, Ami Paris made its mark on fashion with the return of the bob in 2019 at Paris Fashion Week. In less than 15 years, the brand has become a fixture in the fashion world.
With his authentic, convivial approach, Alexandre Mattiussi has succeeded in capturing the distinctive essence of Parisian nonchalance, transcending the boundaries between elegance and casualness. Inspired by both, Ami Paris has become a timelessly elegant brand, offering must-have basics that are easy to wear every day. Pieces often feature sober, monochrome colors, embellished with a delicate red heart-shaped A, not printed but embroidered. Some pieces with graphic prints enrich the clothing collections. Loose, sportswear-inspired cuts are mixed with more elegant, glamorous cuts. By reinterpreting men's fashion, Alexandre Mattiussi draws on his inspiration, creating everyday pieces for the ordinary man. Ami, referring to the common "friend", builds its universe around this philosophy, setting itself apart from brands oriented towards concepts disconnected from reality. The message goes beyond love: this is a brand created by man for man. The pieces embody the brand's simplicity and strength, focusing on practicality and comfort. Founded in the spirit of a family history, Ami represents the ultimate casual classic with quality finishes. Good-naturedness and authenticity run through all the collections, while Paris, seen on the street, remains a constant source of inspiration for the designer.
Ami Paris offers a wide range of garments in plain, elegant shades, characterized by impeccable finishing. Manufacturing takes place mainly in Portugal, with the exception of coats and suits, which are designed in Tunisia. The various clothing lines are synonymous with exceptional quality, thanks to a meticulous selection of workshops. Ami favors the use of natural materials and 100% whenever possible to guarantee the durability and comfort of its products. T-shirts and shirts, for example, are made from 100% cotton. Wool is favored for cardigans and warm coats, mainly in the autumn/winter collections. Wool and cotton knits perfectly reflect Alexandre Mattiussi's inspirations. Leather and denim also feature prominently in Ami Paris collections, as do polyester and linen, used for a variety of garments.
Ami doesn't have a specific flagship product, but the "Ami de cœur" line with the well-known logo embroidered in red has become a must-have, whether as a discreet version on the chest or more imposing on a sweater or t-shirt. At l'Exception, we offer a vast selection of Ami Paris products for your shopping, enabling you to adopt a casual-chic look, complemented by beautiful Ami Paris leather goods. Elegant tips are provided to enhance these products, such as pairing a straight-cut Ami shirt with topstitched pants and a tailored jacket for a timeless Parisian chic look. Ami sweaters can be worn with jeans and sneakers for a comfortable look for any occasion. The Ami Paris sweatshirt, whether crewneck or hoodie, is a men's wardrobe essential, offering a casual or streetwear look, complemented by Ami Paris sneakers for a distinctive wardrobe. Explore our Ami Paris outlet collection to discover urban looks that combine comfort and style in the city on our website.
Because of the outstanding quality and elegance of Ami Paris products, all men's fashion enthusiasts aspire to take good care of their garments. However, there is no particular procedure to follow compared to other garments. It's essential to refer to the label for washing instructions, ensuring proper temperature and the need for special treatment. For larger items such as coats, it is also possible to entrust them to a professional for optimal cleaning at the right temperature. Thanks to quality materials, these garments tend to suffer less damage than fast-fashion garments, and last longer.
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