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Founded in Dallas, TX in 1982, Autry, “the shoe with the American flag”, gained name recognition in
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Frequently asked questions
Autry was born in Texas in the early 80s. From the outset, the brand's white Autry Medalist low sneaker was a hit with tennis players and sports enthusiasts of all kinds, making it the leading sports sneaker brand of the 80s. Sadly, with the death of the designer for whom the brand is named Jim Autry, the brand with the blue and red flag logo began to see the end with a decline in success before making its comeback in 2019 to the delight of all. The eighties-sized brand has been relaunched by a French duo: Alberto Raengo and Regis Billard. In 2016, these two founded an agency specializing in distribution, image and marketing, and have collaborated with major sneaker brands such as Nike with its famous Air Force, New Balance and Puma. This comeback by the brand with the American flag as its logo was presented in the form of a pair of Medalist low shoes, updated with modern manufacturing techniques and a new design. The sneaker still displays a timeless eighties style right down to the stitching, with a simple design that makes it easy to wear every day. In recent years, the sneaker with the blue and red flag as its logo has come to compete with the Adidas sneaker that had also made a comeback a few years earlier: the Stan Smith with its equally vintage aesthetic. Autry also has a large community on instagram and, although their products are designated in the USA, they are mainly designed in Indonesia and sold in many countries.
The Dallas-born sneaker brand, and more specifically the Médalist low, is humbly considered the quintessential vintage sneaker with a touch of modernity that makes it current. The spirit of the brand is popular yet underground. With its timeless, retro-futuristic style, it has reclaimed its place among the latest trends. Every little detail, even the most minimalist, of the women's, men's and children's items, refers to the United States with its embroidered logo. Originally sold as sports sneakers, Autry's lace-up sneakers reflect the codes of athleticism and urban trends. With its minimalist yet iconic design, Autry goes with every style. From white or black sneakers to colored or two-tone sneakers in green, orange, yellow, sky blue or pink, lilac purple with leather or suede with the reelwind model to liven up your outfit, Autry's mission is to make us feel like ourselves and authentic. With this in mind, they also make it a point of honor to remain independent, thus asserting their freedom of creation and action, which they don't want to see diminished. From the outset, the brand has also been inspired by innovation: the airstop system, for example, ensures that the insole lets your foot breathe, which is accentuated by the perforated pointed toe. The airgrip system, meanwhile, ensures the grip of the rubber sole.
Our flagship product is of course the medalist low sneaker, but there's also the medalist open mid nylon vintage, the reelwind suede sneaker, the clc sneaker or the Dallas low sneaker and many others, both silver-colored high-tops and low-top shoes, which you'll find in a wide range of sizes. They're a timeless, classic wardrobe staple that goes with almost any outfit. They can be worn as a casual chic pair with a sweater, jeans, skirt or a little dress, or as a more sportswear, comfortable and practical model with jogging pants, a sweatshirt or a sports outfit. You'll want to wear them on every occasion for their unique effect. As glamorous and elegant as they are casual and streetwear, this latest trend is available in a wide range of models that reflect the original aesthetic of the eighties and urban culture. More elegant than your running shoes but no less comfortable and practical than your heeled pumps, these flat shoes have become super fashion accessories of recent years. To match your pair with your outfit for a unique look, you can also find numerous ready-to-wear pieces such as a sweatshirt, t-shirt, pants, bob and cap, as well as socks in all sizes from the clothing range of the same name to match the sneakers. This contemporary pair of sneakers and apparel is very much a part of Generation Z's wardrobe, whether for men or women, so if you want to be at the cutting edge of fashion with a casual look that will enhance all your looks, don't hesitate to get this great fashion accessory! You can see all our new products on our website. The medalist low, reelwind and clc sneakers with their leather uppers are available in a wide range of colors, including white, black, red, sky blue, green, burgundy, brown, lilac purple, yellow and orange, and even in a two-tone style with silver or faded. If you don't fancy the open mid nylon or clc sneakers, available in over twenty models, and despite the release of the new reelwind suede model available in different sizes and colors on the L'Exception website, you're going to be won over by the wide choice of clothing, so don't hesitate to validate your baskets and if you're unsure of the size, follow our size guide to help you choose the perfect fit.
The Autry Basket is a vintage-sized pair, often two-material and two-tone, with a unique style. Textiles and materials may vary from one shoe to another, but the exterior of the shoe is mostly composed of calfskin or suede leather and slightly beige, faded-effect rubber used for the sole, giving the shoe a two-tone effect. Some editions also combine leather and suede. It's also possible to opt for a flashier, bolder look with metallic pairs. The lining is made of leather and terry cotton fabric. With the brand that created the essential medalist low, the use of leather - whether smooth or granulated - reflects a real desire to create quality sneakers so that you don't have to buy a new pair of shoes every month. The models are perfectly finished to ensure slipper-like comfort, which is essential for them to ensure that your feet never ache. At L'Exception you'll find a wide range of sizes and models available, like the medalist low, the clc, the suede reelwind and many others to satisfy the most demanding customers. A free size guide is available to help you choose the right size for maximum comfort. Sizes range from 35 to 41.
For fashionistas who are super fans of their new pair of low-top sneakers from Dallas - the medalist low with a white leather upper, the open mid or clc with a leather upper, or the reelwind with a nylon upper - care and quality are not negligible and will do you a favor in preserving these latest fashion sneakers. Like all leather pairs, the medalist low or clc are no exception to the rule and require regular maintenance if you want to keep your white leather in perfect condition and extend their lifespan as much as possible. In fact, we recommend that you clean your pretty pair of lace-up shoes once a week, using a mild leather-specific cleaner and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Don't use abrasive brushes, which could scratch the leather. To restore the original shine of the slightly beige sole, you can clean it with a brush and a little soapy water. Also remember to waterproof all your leather models like clc's to increase their super durability. If your shoes have a suede part, like the reelwind model, it's also essential to protect it, as suede is a very fragile material. If you wish, you can also call on the services of a leather and suede specialist to ensure that your medalist low or reelwind shoes are as good as new, in top condition, and that you feel like you're buying a new pair at a lower price.
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