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Jewellery & Watch for Men

Frequently asked questions
Men's jewelry offers a variety of elegant options for every occasion. Gold and silver wedding rings remain timeless, ideal for everyday elegance. The steel ring adds an original touch, which can be worn alone for a sober look or stacked for a bold style. The personalized engraved bracelet, worn on the opposite wrist to the watch, lends a personal dimension, suitable for all occasions, formal or casual. Elegant pearl bracelets add subtle sophistication, perfect for formal events or to enhance everyday wear. Silver signet rings embody classic elegance, worn on the little finger for a retro touch or on the ring finger for a modern aesthetic. An engraved medal on a silver or gold chain adds special meaning to the ensemble, perfect for marking special moments. Silver chain and curb chain remain iconic men's fashion accessories, worn alone for sophisticated simplicity or paired with other men's bracelets for a trendy look. Leather bracelets embody masculinity, offering a casual, bold style. Versatile gold chains can be worn alone or combined with silver necklaces for a bold, modern look. Rigid steel or silver bracelets add a contemporary touch, whether worn alone for minimalist sobriety or stacked for a more pronounced presence. Trendy bracelets, with cord or pearl details, respond to the latest trends in men's fashion, perfect for a casual, edgy style. Whether it's a gold chain, a silver signet ring, or silver and leather bracelets for men, this reflects a timelessly varied jewelry collection, offering options for every taste. Gold and silver combinations have become a popular and original trend, offering versatility to suit any occasion, making men's jewelry the ideal gift to express his unique style. At L'Exception, you'll find all our new products, as well as a wide collection of women's jewelry, including a range of women's bracelets, necklaces and earrings that will inspire you to come up with a lovely gift idea for Valentine's Day or her birthday.
The choice of a men's watch can be a decisive factor in expressing your personality and style. When making this selection, there are several criteria to consider in order to find the perfect watch to match your taste and lifestyle. Solid silver or silver-plated watches offer an elegant, timeless aesthetic, while stainless steel bracelets ensure durability and modernity. Adjustable strap options, including black or brown leather, offer versatility to suit different wrist sizes. Customization, such as engraving or dial design, adds a unique touch, transforming your watch into a jewel that reflects your personality. Well-known jewelry brands like Fossil offer a diverse range of men's watches, from classic leather straps to more contemporary stainless steel bracelets. Discretion and finesse of design help to create a masculine watch that is both elegant and refined, ideal for any occasion. The watch's adjustable aspect is essential to ensure optimum comfort, underlining the jewel's practicality. By considering these elements, you can choose a watch that transcends ephemeral trends to become a timeless accessory, reflecting not only the time, but also your style and individuality.
Men's jewelry embraces a diversity of materials, offering sophisticated options for expressing masculinity with elegance. Stainless steel, frequently used in bracelets and bracelets, combines robustness and modernity. Leather bracelets, available in white, black or brown leather, add a distinctive, casual touch. Rhodium-plated silver or aged silver lend a distinguished silver aesthetic, emphasizing the finesse of the details. For men's rings, the choice extends to gold, sterling silver and gilded brass, sometimes adorned with diamonds for a touch of refinement. Signet rings stand out for their imposing allure, adding a special dimension to men's jewelry. The introduction of precious stones such as diamonds, onyx and lapis lazuli, or semi-precious stones such as lava stone, to create an attractive black bracelet, broadens the possibilities for unique creations. Gold bracelets with diamonds are often reserved for special occasions, such as engagements, evoking discreet luxury. Pearl, coral or black steel bracelets diversify the choices for men's wrists, allowing jewelry to be adapted to different styles and preferences. The well-designed clasp adds a touch of sophistication while guaranteeing jewelry security. In summary, men's jewelry skillfully fuses a variety of materials, gemstones and styles to offer an extensive palette of options, enabling everyone to find the jewelry that elegantly reflects their individuality.
The care of men's jewelry varies according to material and style. For silver jewelry, such as a silver ring or gourmette bracelets, use a soft cloth to clean and avoid contact with harsh chemicals that could dull the shiny silver. Gold jewelry, such as a gold ring, requires delicate care. Clean with a soft cloth and avoid contact with abrasive substances. For gold rings adorned with precious stones such as sapphire, use a mild stone-specific cleaner. Stainless steel jewelry, often used in men's bracelets, resists wear and tear well. Cleaning with soapy water and a soft cloth is generally sufficient. Black steel jewelry can maintain its appearance with regular care. Rhodium-plated silver jewelry requires special care to preserve its shine. Avoid exposure to water and humidity, and store in a dry place. Jewelry in stainless steel or zirconium oxide can be cleaned with a non-abrasive cloth. For jewelry with semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, or fine stones such as crystal, avoid shocks and contact with hard surfaces. Crystals and charms can be gently cleaned with a soft cloth to preserve their brilliance. Silver rings and pearl bracelets require regular cleaning to prevent dirt from accumulating between the charms or pearls. For original wedding rings, be sure to store them in a case to avoid scratches. In short, regular care of the materials used will ensure the longevity and brilliance of your men's jewelry, whether it's a signet ring, a bracelet, wedding rings or other ornaments.
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