Is your wardrobe overflowing, yet you spend hours in front of your closet without ever knowing what to wear? Perhaps you're missing some must-have seasonal basics with which you can combine every piece in your dressing room, from the simplest to the most extravagant, for an on-trend look.
Even if trends change very quickly, and your last pair of fashionable shoes probably won't be fashionable in two months' time, some pieces are timeless, worn year after year, forming the basis of your wardrobe. These pieces are called basics because they transcend trends and, it's possible to create countless trendy looks with them.

So we're going to give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your dressing room and create ultra-trendy spring looks.

The trench coat

A mid-season staple, the trench coat is a must-have that's been worn year after year as soon as the warm weather arrives. Originally a military piece, fashionnistas have adopted it as a key part of their wardrobe, pairing it with many different pieces. Trench coats are available in a wide range of colors and materials to offer different styles, but the classic beige trench coat is the quintessential safe bet. Short, mid-length or long, it also comes in different shapes to suit your look and size.
Trench ADN Paris

Trench Noyoco

Trench Stutterheim

The blazer

Plain or striped, the blazer is an essential piece to have in your wardrobe. Pairing equally well with tailored pants for an elegant look that may be suitable for going to work or an event, or with wide-leg jeans for a more casual style for everyday wear. Coming in many colors and cuts and pairing with many pieces, you'll be able to wear them on many occasions.

The raw jean

Raw blue jeans have firmly established themselves as a wardrobe staple, being at once simple, elegant and casual. Its timeless hue and untreated fabric give them exceptional versatility, adapting equally well to casual outfits and more formal occasions. A symbol of sustainability, raw denim also embodies the spirit of ethical fashion, encouraging responsible consumption. With its ability to buck trends, raw denim is an essential mainstay for those looking for a garment that's as classic as it is indispensable.
Jean brut

Light trousers

The arrival of fine weather means light colors. Whether beige, ecru or white, knit or warp and weft, light pants are a must-have this season. They're chic and go perfectly with a wide range of colors, so you can wear them on many occasions. They come in a variety of materials, such as denim or linen, two iconic pieces.
light pants

The jumpsuit

The pantsuit is definitely a wardrobe essential. Practical for a bike or motorcycle trip, the jumpsuit competes with the little mid-season dress every year. Available in an infinite number of models and styles, from a denim jumpsuit for stylish everyday wear to a strapless jumpsuit for a dressier look, the jumpsuit can be adapted to any occasion. And it makes life easier because, as an outfit in itself, there's no need to worry about what to pair it with.

The shirt

Every year, the return of spring heralds the return of the shirt. The white shirt is the essential classic of the women's wardrobe, however, it would be a shame to settle for it. For spring, dare to wear stripes or more colorful models. Depending on the material chosen, you can opt for a casual look with jeans for example or a much more elegant look with a tailored skirt or blazer. If you want a trendy shirt for spring 2024, opt for a long shirt that can be worn as a tunic over pants or a short-sleeved model.


The basic T-shirt

The plain t-shirt is versatile and perfect for spring. Its simplicity adapts to many outfits and offers an ideal base to express your style with accessories or additional layers. For example, you can wear it under a blazer as a neutral base, under a sweater in this case, choose a t-shirt with a pretty collar to show above the sweater. It is also possible to wear only a t-shirt. If you choose this option, choose a pretty material and accessorize your outfit with pants or an elegant skirt and imposing jewelry.

The sleeveless sweater

The sleeveless sweater can indeed be a great addition to the mid-season wardrobe. It offers warmth while allowing better regulation of body temperature on milder days. Versatile, it lends itself well to various outfits, bringing a stylish touch to your spring look. Perfect for layering over long-sleeved shirts or tops, it allows you to play with layers while remaining comfortable.
pull sans manche

The long dress

The long dress is a key piece of spring. Whether plain or printed, with straps or sleeves. Its fluid and elegant silhouette embodies femininity in all its splendor. Worn belted to emphasize the waist or loose for a more casual look, it offers versatility that makes it essential for any occasion. Whether for a walk in the city or an evening with friends, the long dress brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to every outfit.
robe longue

The long skirt

Giving an early holiday feel, the long skirt is a strong piece for spring. It adds a touch of sophistication and femininity while offering great versatility, in a romantic bohemian style, pure line to support the silhouette or in mesh and print, it means that summer is coming. The long skirt can in fact be available in many looks, with t-shirts and tank tops or light sweaters depending on the outside temperature. Combined with pumps, the long skirt will give a refined touch to your outfit but, with Converse for example, it will give a much more relaxed image to the whole outfit.
Jupe longue


Moccasins, with their timeless design and comfort, are positioned as essentials for spring. Their lightness makes them ideal for milder days, offering a stylish alternative to closed shoes and heels. These must-have shoes can be paired with casual or dressy outfits, adding a sophisticated note to your spring style.


Derbies, with laces or buckles, known for many years, are becoming more and more popular and have become essential pieces of the spring wardrobe. Their elegant and casual style makes them shoes to wear on many occasions, ideal to complement both professional looks and more casual outfits during this season. Comfortable and chic, derbies can be one of the best options for various spring occasions.


Because sneakers, whether white or colored, are a must-have every season and spring is no exception. It is a must-have for both women's and men's wardrobes. Sneakers are versatile, adopting different styles and adapting to many situations. You will find models inspired by the outdoors such as Salomon sneakers allowing you to go at your own pace on all occasions, other pairs are inspired by team sports or skateboarding with a vintage aesthetic or even the latest trend of the moment, thin and flat shoes such as the Samba sneaker from Adidas.


It's the shoe to wear without moderation this season. For many years taking a back seat in women's fashion, the ballerina has once again established itself by making a comeback on the feet of it-girls. Whether you wear them in a fairly classic satin style, inspired by dancers or in a more original style with a strap or with rhinestones or studs, you will definitely be super trendy.
pull cachemire

The handbag

The handbag is obviously an essential part of every outfit, all year round. Whether it is straw, a beach bag type, to hold all your essentials or leather, in an original shape, just to carry your essentials, or even a very trendy fanny pack lately, there is something for you. all tastes and in an infinite variation of colors. A handbag is an outstanding accessory adding style and practicality to an outfit.
Sac à main

The cap

The cap is undoubtedly positioned as an essential element of women's wardrobe in spring. Beyond its practical role in offering sun protection, it transforms into a trendy accessory, offering many variations such as embroidered, printed or denim and adding a casual and stylish touch to your spring outfits. Its versatile character allows it to pair harmoniously with flowing dresses, casual jeans or even more formal ensembles, creating a balance between comfort and elegance for a decidedly modern look.

The scarf

The scarf is essential for women's wardrobes in spring. This versatile accessory can be worn in a variety of ways, whether tied around the neck for a classic look, as a headband for a bohemian touch with colorful and abstract designs or even tied onto a bag with minimalist designs for casual elegance. The scarf not only offers an aesthetic dimension to your outfit, but it can also lightly protect you from spring breezes while adding a touch of color and style to your ensembles. The square is the Parisian spirit in all its splendor.

So you now have all the essentials in your hands, you know which piece to have in your wardrobe for spring in order to be trendy for all occasions.