At the dawn of spring and the end of winter, our outfits aren't always easy to imagine... Mid-season forces us to wear lighter looks while remaining sufficiently covered. L'Exception has therefore devoted itself to designing 5 looks for men, made from a selection present on []( to inspire you!


If you like to be trendy this look is for you. If you don't already know, denim has become a must-have material and there's never enough of it! This streetwear-style outfit will be perfect for accompanying you on all sorts of activities: strolls, outings to the bar, everyday days....


See Ami Paris jacket #1
See Armor Lux n°2 marinière
See Ami Paris cap #3
See Orslow jeans n°4
See Nike sneakers #5


The leather jacket in this look adds the finishing touch and is sure to make an impact, with it you won't go unnoticed! If you opt for this selection, it's guaranteed to be flawless.


See SHANGRI-LA jacket #1
See Hircus turtleneck #2
See Carhartt WIP pants #3
See Kleman derbies #4


If you don't like flashy pieces but value your appearance, this outfit is the perfect compromise between elegance, comfort and discretion! This selection won't disappoint.


See Stutterheim jacket #1
See Tricot sweater #2
See Losanje pants #3
See Dr. Martens boots #4


Every morning you ask yourself, what am I going to wear to be comfortable in the office? This option is your answer. Combining comfort and presence, this one will allow you to spend a great day at work and a great evening with friends!


See Barbour jacket #1
See Samsoe Samsoe sweater #2
See Noyoco pants #3
See Blundstone boots #4


If you still haven't found what you're looking for among our previous selections, then this is the look for you. With its play on materials and stylish accessories, this combination of pieces will bring you originality and trendiness. Dressed this way, nothing will be off-limits to you!


See L'Exception Paris jacket #1
See Soulland polo n°2
See Béton Ciré beanie #3
See Parages pants #4
See National Standard sneakers #5

Whichever of these looks ends up in your closet, you're sure to make a splash and mid-season won't get the better of you. For even more choices, feel free to see our full selection right here.