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The small sheet shows you the brands of our ECO X CEPTION selection, which present more than 75% of products corresponding to our criteria of eco-responsibility and ethics.

Frequently asked questions
At l'Exception, our commitment to women's fashion, and in particular women's ready-to-wear, is reflected in a carefully curated selection of womenswear and accessories that embrace every facet of contemporary style. Explore our extensive range of wardrobe essentials, from the latest trends to timeless pieces, from elegant blazers and blouses to comfortable t-shirts, blouses and sweatshirts, from timeless straight or slim trousers to must-have eveningwear and basics for every season. The cuts, adapted to all body shapes, ensure that every woman finds pieces that fit harmoniously into her wardrobe, reflecting her personality and style. Discover iconic womenswear brands such as Ba&sh, Sessun and APC Paris, embodying elegance and originality. Our selection goes beyond the big brands, highlighting lesser-known but equally exceptional designers. From casual Autry trainers to stylish Aigle boots, our range of footwear offers a variety of styles for every occasion. Browse our site to explore the new women's collection, mixing original pieces with must-have basics. Each season, our dedicated women's fashion team carefully selects fashion apparel and accessories that follow the latest trends in women's fashion while remaining timeless.
At l'Exception, our passion for fashion shines through in each collection of clothing for all women, available on our website. Each fashion brand or accessory is meticulously analysed in order to offer you the best products, forming a quality wardrobe. Our approach is to choose brands as if we were going to wear them ourselves, ensuring that they appeal to us personally, whether they are well-known or lesser-known. Guided by our personal conscience, we aspire to more responsible consumption, hence the ECO x CEPTION criteria. However, while our commitment to responsible fashion is strong, our love for the latest pair of Nike, our favourite brand or the latest trends remains. So we offer you a selection of responsible clothing as well as your favourite fashion pieces. Buying women's clothing from us is child's play, offering elegance in both men's and women's fashion. We also offer a variety of sizes, including plus sizes, to suit as many of our customers as possible. Whether you're looking for a casual, bohemian or elegant style, we offer a range of cuts, from flowing to slim, to suit every woman's body type and preference.
L'Exception is renowned for showcasing new and emerging designers, and that's what makes its reputation. Recently, L'Exception has introduced brands such as 17h10, Alohas, Kaai, Lafrançaise, Losanje and Soulland, all with very different styles and original designs. These emerging or less popular designers, unlike the mainstream brands that are so well known to the general public, often bring innovative elements to women's fashion, offering a variety of pieces such as printed skirts, original T-shirts, trendy jackets, feminine blouses, stylish down jackets, elegant suits, sophisticated heels, refined long dresses, comfortable cardigans and unique women's jumpers. The designers of these brands highlight timeless silhouettes and harmonious ensembles, while offering a variety of heels, original mules and other options to complete every pair of shoes and every woman's outfit. By exploring the offerings of these emerging designers, you can discover unique pieces that add a contemporary and original touch to your wardrobe. Don't hesitate to check out the latest collections and follow the news to keep up to date with the latest trends and new designers appearing at l'Exception.
L'Exception stands out for its meticulous selection of brands, including Sœur, Ba&sh and Sessun. Ba&sh, renowned for its bohemian chic style, offers a refined range of women's clothing. From printed T-shirts in subtle colours like beige and khaki to timelessly elegant short dresses, each piece embodies perfection in every detail. As for Sessun, this French brand focuses on original creations and quality fabrics. You'll find impeccable suit jackets, long skirts in shades of ecru and navy blue, and sophisticated women's shirts. Denim jackets, an essential part of any versatile wardrobe, round off the range. The jackets and coats from these brands stand out for their impeccable cuts and their ability to combine comfort and style. Shades of khaki evoke sophistication, while navy blue lends a classic, timeless touch to every outfit. Finely integrated ruffles add a feminine touch to many of the pieces, creating a harmonious visual effect. The variety of garments available, from short dresses to long skirts, means that everyone can find their own personal style. Whether it's a suit jacket for a formal occasion or a denim jacket for a casual look, L'Exception offers a range of choices to suit every sartorial preference.
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