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At our L'Exception concept store, you'll find a wide selection of sneakers of all kinds and for all tastes. You'll be able to buy the must-have sneakers from the trendiest shoe and sneaker brands such as Nike, Asics, Salomon, Autry or Axel Arigato, as well as timeless sneakers that you'll wear every day. It's easy to find the perfect pair of shoes to complement your wardrobe. In fact, we have sneaker models in a variety of styles: streetwear, sportswear, casual or casual chic. In terms of aesthetics, you can choose between high-top sneakers, city shoes, lace-up or velcro sneakers, canvas sneakers, low-top shoes - so many models to suit so many tastes. As for colors, you can also choose the one that suits you from an incalculable choice of colors, as well as numerous two-tone models. However, white sneakers remain the must-have. Thanks to our extensive collection of shoes, carefully selected by our team of buyers, you'll be able to find the model that suits you best, whether in terms of comfort or style. Your sneakers should represent you and complement all your outfits to perfection. There's a model for every occasion, and you'll find new quality pairs every day on our website.
Nowadays, we can find many trendy models and styles, so all you have to do is slip on your latest pair of sneakers that have taken their place in your dressing room to be at the cutting edge of fashion. And if you don't have them yet, don't hesitate to do a little shopping at l'Exception to buy some sneakers. More than just shoes, sneakers have become fashion accessories in their own right. The 80's and 90's look is reflected in the various trendy models. Vintage is very much in vogue, and there's no end in sight. If you like eighties sneakers, you'll love the Autry, with its navy blue and red logo, which fits in perfectly with this style. These pretty white sneakers for men or women offer a trendy and elegant touch to your outfit. At Nike, there's also a vintage aesthetic in certain shoe ranges, which appeals to many of us. Shoes with rubber soles also echo this style. Chunky sneakers, or thick-soled sneakers in other words, are also very much in vogue, and have found their way into many fashion sneaker brands. On the trend side, Adidas is the winner, with its vintage models revisited with a modern twist, such as gazelles and campuses, which are overtaking all other shoes on the run to become the super-trendy model. You can find these models in sober colors, but also in much brighter ones. As well as being super trendy, they're also very comfortable, which is a priority.
To keep your sneakers in perfect condition, you need to be rigorous and maintain them regularly to prolong their life. As a general rule, first remove coarse dirt by shaking, then, using a soft brush such as an old toothbrush, dust the shoe more thoroughly. It's important to avoid hard brushes that could damage the surface. To remove the most stubborn stains, mix lukewarm water with a small amount of mild soap, then apply to the shoe with a brush before rinsing with clear water. For pairs of shoes or sneakers in black or white leather, it's important to take care of the leather and wax them whenever necessary, for a more chic, polished look.
Men's sneakers can be worn with many styles, if not all. Indeed, for the most streetwear pair in the style of skate shoes, it's perfectly possible to wear them with a tracksuit for a total streetwear look. However, it's also possible to wear them with jeans and a t-shirt for a more casual look that can be worn every day, in which case the sneakers will be the highlight of the outfit. High-top sneakers are also reminiscent of streetwear, and can be worn to break up a simple look, or paired with more original pieces for a more daring style. As for white, two-tone or two-material sneakers, they're simple enough to match your entire wardrobe. In fact, if sneakers are simple, they can be perfectly elegant and matched with a suit for a look that's both elegant and casual, for example. Sneakers can also be worn on an everyday basis, for example with Salomons, which can be worn as a running or walking shoe, or as a dress shoe with slim or straight-cut jeans, depending on your preference. In general, depending on your style, sneakers can be worn on many occasions. You can find all our carefully selected new sneaker collections every day on our website
Sneakers are a must-have in the men's wardrobe, and depending on your style, you can opt for Nike Air Max, Gazelles or adidas sneakers of all kinds, or even Asics Gel. However, if sneakers don't suit you, or you'd like to have other pairs of shoes to complete your wardrobe. You can also opt for pretty canvas shoes, for a more urban look. For an elegant, somewhat vintage look, you can wear leather loafers or leather derbies with pointed or round toes, depending on your preference. When worn, they're sure to finish off your look. For a change from the streetwear or sportswear style of sneakers, you can also choose leather boots or ankle boots for certain occasions, with a blazer for example, or with jeans for a more casual look. Depending on the shoe model chosen, the style will not be the same, which is why it's a good idea to have several pairs of shoes in your dressing room.
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