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Paraboot for Men

Paraboot is synonym of the resistant shoes re-inventig every season timeless and classic pieces.
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Frequently asked questions

The Paraboot brand was born in Izeaux, a small village in Isère with some twenty shoe factories where shoes are still made. It all began with Rémy Richard, from a farming family, who became a shoemaker in the early 20th century. With great courage, he set off alone for the United States in 1920. It was during this trip that Rémy Richard noticed that the vast majority of Americans in the city wore a kind of rubber sock over their shoes to protect them from the damp, known as leather boots by the Americans. This led to the idea of a leather shoe with rubber soles for men. On his return from the United States, Rémy Richard created the Galibier brand in 1922, first with wooden soles, then with rubber soles, and opened his first boutique. 1945 marked the arrival of Michel Richard, the company's current president, but also the end of the war and the desire for simple, no-frills lace-up shoes. This marked the birth of iconic, timeless models: the Morzine in 1943 and the Michael in 1945. The 50s and 60s saw the development of the Galibier brand, with its various pairs designed for mountaineering. In 1980, the footwear brand went bankrupt, only to rebound with the michael model, a must-have for the city. At the end of the 1980s, the potential market was Japan. This development continued over the years until it became one of Paraboot's main markets.
Paraboot is synonymous with timeless, casual elegance. Much more than just sneakers, paraboot shoes bring style to all your outfits, reinventing timeless classics every season. Originally designed for the countryside and agriculture, or for the mountains in the style of hiking boots, paraboot shoes have been democratized to the point of becoming hyper-trendy, yet they remain an inspiration that we find in the style of every pair of shoes. Emblematic models such as the Michael are inspired by mountain boots, thanks to their robust and functional characteristics. The brand's varied inspirations are evident in every model. First and foremost, Paraboot is proud of its French artisan heritage. The brand's primary inspiration comes from the tradition of French shoemaking, a guarantee of know-how and quality. Moreover, to create a timeless look for its shoes, Paraboot draws its inspiration from vintage style, with visible seams and leather finishes. Nature is also an important source of inspiration in the colors and materials used, such as the earthy tones and raw leathers used for leather boots. Comfort also plays a key role in the brand's DNA, with a real desire to create shoes that are as comfortable as slippers, that can be easily slipped on and worn all day long. Durability is also increasingly important to the brand, with the use of quality materials that endure.
Now that the Dadcore trend has become hyper-trendy, (yes, it's all about putting back on the same shoes your father wore 20 years ago!) Paraboot shoes have been thrust to the forefront. Whether they're high or low, leather ankle boots or leather loafers, Paraboot shoes will fit perfectly alongside Dr Martens in your wardrobe. You'll love this new fashion accessory, which you can wear in all circumstances. Let's take a look at how to match your wardrobe with these pretty city shoes. If you like skinny jeans or chinos, you can match them perfectly with your Paraboot shoes. For those who like to have their legs in the air as soon as spring and summer appear, you can match your Michael shoes with a pair of jeans shorts. After all, these are pairs designed for movement and comfort, just like shorts, which is why this style is a perfect match. In fact, you can wear them with any shorts that aren't too thin. A casual suit or blazer can also go perfectly with Michael paraboots if it's made from rather heavy, casual materials to keep that casual chic spirit going. In general, Michael paraboots can be worn with anything oversized or loose-fitting. Despite the misconceptions about jogging suits, which can be found in every wardrobe, they can also be a strong piece to pair with the Michael shoe collection. If you recognize yourself in any of these looks, don't hesitate to check out our new collection, with its many models that you can wear for every occasion.
Since its inception, Paraboot has focused on quality for its leather shoes. Indeed, the finishes are perfect and the materials are of the highest quality and natural origin. The brand pays the utmost attention to selecting the best leathers, such as the calf leather used for the upper. The cutting of the leather is also very important in preserving this quality. Each skin used is natural, which is why you may notice slight wrinkles or veins, and why no two pairs can ever be 100% identical. Each pair of paraboot leather shoes is unique. The choice of leather depends on the model. For a classic model, smooth or patent leather in black or brown is mainly used, with a flexible rubber sole. For more whimsical models, leathers such as buffalo, cowhide or velour are preferred.
Because of the high quality of Paraboots products, everyone who buys a pair of shoes is bound to want to preserve them over time. Different leathers require different care. For smooth, grained, greasy, semi-greasy or patina leathers, first dust the leather before applying a cleaning wax to the shoe and then waxing it. Then brush the leather with a bristle brush and polish with a special glove. For suede calf and nubuck leathers, the process is slightly different. First, dust off the leather before removing localized dirt with a nubuck rubber. Then, if the shoe has Norwegian or Goodyear stitching, reinforce the waterproofing by applying colorless shoe polish, so you can replace your rain boots with paraboots. On nubuck, spray 20cm away with essential oil and leave to stand. On velvet, straighten the hair with a scraper brush. For gloss and patent leathers, first dust the leather before applying Marseille soap with a soft, damp, warm cloth. Rinse, leave to dry and finally polish the shoe. To enhance your paraboot experience, we invite you to visit our website and watch the videos explaining how to care for your shoes and leather soles.
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