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Paraboot is synonym of the resistant shoes re-inventig every season timeless and classic pieces.
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Frequently asked questions
Founded in Izeaux by Rémy Richard, the Paraboot footwear brand has earned a reputation for its undeniable expertise, giving rise to hiking boots, sports shoes and walking shoes prized for their sturdiness and comfort. In the 1920s, it introduced the emblematic Michael derbies, which have become a benchmark in mountain footwear alongside major footwear brands such as Louboutin and Doc Martens. Now handcrafted in its French factory, Paraboot women's shoes reflect an ongoing commitment to quality. Over the decades, the footwear range has expanded to include dress shoes, moccasins and low Richelieu shoes, catering for a variety of styles and sizes, while maintaining high standards in terms of materials and workmanship. The brand, while retaining its aura of luxury, has adapted to functional needs, making its mark internationally. Paraboot leather shoes combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, appealing to new generations and making the brand an essential reference in the world of quality footwear. To find your ideal new pair of shoes, explore the L'Exception website, where you'll find numerous shoe models for every new collection of every season to keep up with the latest trends.
Paraboot offers a diversity of models in each shoe collection, drawing deep inspiration from French artisan heritage. Founded in Izaux, a village in the Isère region of France, the brand has always preserved its roots, emphasizing quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. Mountain boots with laces, renowned for their solidity, have influenced the brand from the outset, notably with the Michael derbies, reflecting this alpine inspiration. By also incorporating elements of urban lifestyle and contemporary fashion, Paraboot creates a chic, sophisticated style for its footwear, expanding its range to include dress shoes and loafers, meeting the varied needs of an increasingly urban clientele. In short, Paraboot women's shoes are classics that finely harmonize French artisan traditions with modern influences, offering lace-up shoes that combine durability, comfort, glamour and timeless elegance. Far more comfortable than high-heeled shoes, they even compete with low-top sneakers, or integrate perfectly with your extensive shoe collection in your wardrobe alongside your Nike Air Max. Paraboot shoes can be worn on any occasion.
Paraboot's flagship model, often referred to as the "Michael", stands out as an iconic mountain shoe, renowned for its sturdiness, comfort and timeless allure. The must-have Michael derbies illustrate Paraboot's commitment to quality and traditional craftsmanship. This shoe is equally at home in urban and outdoor environments, with a casual style that underlines its versatility and all-round appeal. Initially designed as a rugged mountain shoe, it offers a wide range of combination possibilities, depending on the context. Opt for a pair of Paraboots Michael, the lace-up shoe for casual chic. Wear them with dark-colored skinny jeans to highlight the shoes. On top, choose a knitted sweater or a slightly oversized blouse. You can also add a leather belt to define the waist. If you prefer a little midi dress or skirt for the spring-summer season, opt for a flared or pencil cut, as you prefer. Pair it with a blouse, t-shirt or fitted top to balance the silhouette. A leather jacket or blazer can be an elegant addition to complete the look. As for fashion accessories, a pair of discreet earrings and a well-chosen handbag can complete your outfit. By adding a few original touches, you can create a grand look. Don't forget to coordinate colors for a harmonious look. In short, the versatility of your new Paraboot Michael shoes means you can incorporate them into a variety of outfits, whether for outdoor adventures or for dressier, more chic city occasions to bring out your femininity. So find our selection of Paraboot high or low shoes in pointed or round toe and in all sizes at L'Exception to add to your wardrobe.
The Paraboot brand attaches the utmost importance to the meticulous selection of the finest leathers and perfect finishes for its elegant pairs of women's and men's shoes. Skins are carefully chosen for their aesthetics, suppleness and resistance, and their colors are mainly brown, camel, beige or black leather. Models vary from smooth grained leather to patent, velvet, white or suede. Full-grain leather, from the upper part of the hide, is frequently used to guarantee a natural texture and optimum durability. For the soles, Paraboot distinguishes itself by using natural rubber, which can be very dark or white to match the color of the shoe. This characteristic confers exceptional grip, thermal insulation and wear resistance, particularly appreciated in everyday use and on a variety of terrains. The "Norwegian stitching" manufacturing technique, in which the outsole is sewn firmly to the upper, reinforces the shoe's structure and facilitates any repairs. This artisanal approach contributes to Paraboot's reputation as a quality brand, combining tradition and innovation in the manufacture of shoes for women and men. The shoes also feature a leather lining and a comfortable insole. Some of the brand's models, whether in suede, with straps or leather laces, aim to satisfy all tastes, enhancing the Paraboot experience.
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