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In the style of Maje and Claudie Pierlot, Ba&sh created in 2003 has been reinventing femininity for 20 years. It has grown over the years to become an essential reference in the world of women's fashion. Re Interpreting the latest trends, Ba&sh has become the embodiment of French style. By adapting to all women with the sole common point of feeling beautiful and good everywhere, all the time, Ba&sh has become an emblem of women's ready-to-wear and a wardrobe essential. The house was created by two women, two friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, who dreamed of a wardrobe in their image. A new proposal for collections of clothing and accessories where all women could find themselves through a certain femininity with a touch of French elegance, different styles for all but still complementary and finally, a dose of freedom. Ba&sh, offering a feminine and elegant wardrobe in different colors, has won the hearts of French women and much more. In fact, in 2005 the brand began its development in Europe. In 2015, Ba&sh joined the LVMH group at which time, Pierre-Arnaud Grenade joined Ba&sh and became its general manager, and implemented an ambitious development strategy focused internationally to make Ba&sh a global brand. In 2018, the brand is going digital in order to sell fashion clothing on its platform. Subsequently, the brand was able to diversify by creating a men's ready-to-wear capsule as well as a jewelry line.
In English, Bash means punch, it is quite the opposite that these women's clothes represent. Ba&sh represents the Frenchy or even girly brand which is perfectly reflected in its looks with colorful prints and rather fluid and light cuts sometimes decorated with ruffles or fringes. It is the favorite brand of the most seasoned women's fashion fans, they have all succumbed and have their wardrobes full of it. All occasions are good to wear Ba&sh which is synonymous with softness and caress. It is obvious to see that each new women's ready-to-wear collection is light and full of delicacy, both in materials, shapes and colors. Their source of inspiration was simply what they wanted to wear every day: soft dresses, sober and sexy jeans, ultra-feminine jumpsuits, sweatshirts and leather jackets creating an elegant and stylish silhouette. both relaxed. A total Parisian Ba&sh look, suitable for all body types, will give you a certain ease, joy and elegance.
Ba&sh has created a complete women's wardrobe, containing long-sleeved or short-sleeved t-shirts, blouses, jackets, hooded sweatshirts, straight pants, but the flagship piece of the women's collections is the dress. The Ba&sh dress is very often long, made of prints and flowing. Indeed, we find many long dresses within each collection and particularly for the spring summer collections where we find many small summer or mid-season dresses often made of prints. One of the other characteristics of Ba&sh is to make embroidered dresses in a slightly bohemian chic style, the cuts are very often light and reflect a certain femininity. They are, in fact, basics for women's wardrobe that bring a certain casual style. The brand's hit Teddy bag is a handbag made from cacti, making all the latest Ba&sh women's ready-to-wear trends even more elegant.
At Ba&sh, designers are considered experts in the field. Indeed, in 2022, 69% of outfits and pieces for women contained at least 70% certified materials, whether organic, recycled or guarantees relating to animal welfare, or even less impactful ones like linen, raffia or even hemp. One of the major trends in fashion is precisely to take this ecological turn and Ba&sh has perfectly known how to do it. Still in 2022, 50% of cotton came from organic farming, 65% of viscose came from wood pulp from sustainably managed forests or 55% of wool came from a certified sector and finally, 40% of polyester was of recycled origin in order to create sustainable fashion for all women who deserve it. The objective is to reach 100% by 2025. Concerning handbags, certain bags are no longer created from animal leather but from vegetable leather from cacti. Significantly less polluting to produce than real leather and most of its alternatives, this material comes from the growing cactus culture. The objective of Desserto is to produce more with less, it only takes three cactus leaves to produce one meter of Desserto. This leather could become the next timeless for years to come.
On its website, Ba&sh explains how to wash your women's clothing according to the material so that they remain in perfect condition and comfortable. If your pretty short dress is made of viscose, you need to take care of it and wash it on the delicate program so as not to damage the material. Otherwise, it is entirely possible to wash it by hand to further preserve the shine of the outfit. All you have to do is wet, rub and then rinse using cold to lukewarm water. If your blouse or blouse is made of silk, it is recommended to wash the product by hand and cold, at maximum 20°C. You should also avoid water that is too cold and do not let the silk soak. You can then wring without wringing the garment. Machine washing is also possible, however, there are precautions to take. The garment should be washed inside out and in a net using a delicate program and a mild detergent. Finally, the wool can also be machine washed with a wool program and a delicate spin cycle.
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