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Launched in 1967 by the famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren is an American brand
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Frequently asked questions
The iconic American brand Polo Ralph Lauren, named after its creator, was created in 1967. If there is such a thing as an American dream, Ralph Lauren is the most concrete example of it. He started out as a salesman at Brooks Brothers before taking out a loan in 1967 to open his own boutique, "Polo by Ralph Lauren", where he sold ties under his own "polo" brand. The ties proved so popular that he launched a complete men's line shortly afterwards. In 1970, he produced his first women's collection in a masculine style. It was at this point that the iconic polo-playing cavalier appeared. In 1972, he launched his first men's polo range, which was a phenomenal success. In 1981, he opened his first boutique in France. In the 1990s, the brand took a sporting direction with Polo Golf and Polo Sport, becoming official partner of the Wimbledon tournament in 2006 and of the Olympic and Paralympic teams in 2008. Over the years, numerous lines have been created, and one success story after another has continued right up to the present day. There's not a single person who doesn't recognize that little embroidered logo, and for good reason: the iconic American brand will celebrate its 56th anniversary in 2024.
From iconic pieces to luxury apparel, Polo Ralph Lauren, available in a wide range of colors, has made a name for itself in the fashion world, and particularly in menswear, with its undeniable quality. With its perfectly tailored cuts, it embodies the elegance of the gentleman to perfection. With these timeless pieces for men and women, Polo Ralph Lauren conveys elegance, chic, prestige, refinement and strength through a casual style. The brand's main inspirations are New York City, with its art deco style, perfectly reflected in his ties and elegant evening jackets in jacquard. We also find strong inspiration from the world of sports, notably in the famous logo and polo shirts. Polo Ralph Lauren's elegant, comfortable clothing reinterprets the dress codes of the bourgeois class. The brand's style reflects its core values of authenticity and heritage. The Polo Ralph Lauren brand is inclusive thanks to its wide range of sizes. The brand offers a wide range of straight and slim cuts, from slim-fitting polo shirts to plus-size models.
The Polo Ralph Lauren brand's flagship product is, of course, the polo shirt with its iconic embroidered logo. Simple, elegant and of good quality, the Ralph Lauren polo shirt, whether with mao or classic collar, long or short sleeve, has established itself as a basic in the wardrobe of young and old alike, without ever going out of fashion. The Ralph Lauren style can be worn for any occasion, from urban chic for a casual look to streetwear for a relaxed, comfortable look. Dressed in Ralph Lauren, you're perfectly equipped for a stroll around town or an outdoor outing. In addition to polo shirts, shirts are also a must-have in the Ralph Lauren men's wardrobe, allowing you to opt for a chic, sophisticated look. In general, all the menswear offered by Polo Ralph Lauren reflects the brand's gentlemanly style. Knit sweaters are another Polo Ralph Lauren staple, whether round, V-neck or zip-neck, they remain timeless through generation after generation. If you're looking for an elegant casual look, check out our latest Polo Ralph Lauren collections on our website.
Polo Ralph Lauren garments are unsurprisingly of impeccable quality. Indeed, in order to sport a gentlemanly look, it is necessary to work with quality materials, making garments with perfect finishes. Inspired by sport, every garment is designed to be comfortable and durable, which is why Polo Ralph lauren uses materials such as cotton and linen, which are both very comfortable and hard-wearing, and are often used in both men's and women's dressing rooms. What's more, the clothing brand also uses high-quality materials such as cashmere and lambskin, making them top-of-the-range products. The quality of Polo Ralph Lauren products makes them timeless leaders in men's fashion.
To keep your Ralph Lauren men's T-shirts in pristine condition, it's imperative to take careful care of them. When you plan to clean these precious garments, which proudly display the iconic Ralph Lauren logo, we recommend machine washing at a moderate temperature, ideally 30°C. Ironing should also be done gently so as not to damage the T-shirt. The same procedure applies to other fragile products, such as shirts and tank tops. If you follow these obvious but essential tips, you'll be able to keep your Ralph Lauren T-shirts in perfect condition and maximize their lifespan. For other products, follow the care instructions on the label to maintain product quality.
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