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Naked and Famous for Men

Naked & Famous is not a traditional denim business. Instead of relying on well-known celebrities or
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Frequently asked questions
Naked and famous is a Canadian brand created in 2008 by Brandon Svarc. The brand specializes in men's ready-to-wear and, in particular, raw denim. However, it is not a classic denim brand and never will be, thanks to its constant quest for textile innovation and undeniable quality. Rather than focusing on costly celebrity marketing and communication, naked famous denim puts all its energy into the constant search for the world's finest fabrics, notably Japanese Selvedge denim, to create superb denim jeans that you'll want in your men's wardrobe. Naked and Famous focuses on the essentials, with no frills: no washes or logos to keep them timeless, yet fashionable and of high quality at a reasonable price, so you can wear your raw denim jeans for every occasion, for a look that's as elegant as it is casual. Brandon Svarc has also developed the brand by creating denim jackets to complement the men's wardrobe and give you a style you can't live without.
There's nothing extraordinary about wearing jeans, but Naked and Famous has managed to turn a basic wardrobe staple into something special. The company, and in particular the brand name, is a satire on our celebrity-obsessed society. The main inspiration, then, is to go against all those glamorous, sexy brands that sell washed-out, overpriced jeans just because they work with celebrities. The logo also follows this logic, inspired by the pop-art artists of the '50s who used the ideal blonde figure as a satire of mass media and consumer culture to combat them. Using Japanese canvas for his raw, dark-colored, no-wash jeans, we sense the designer's Asian inspirations, particularly in manga and Japanese films such as "lady snowblood". The brand's DNA is totally anti-bling-bling and flashy. Indeed, Brandon Svarc creates casual jeans to suit every figure, and has vowed never to sell faded jeans. The creative team draws inspiration from their imagination and from the things they love.
As you may have guessed, the Naked and famous brand's flagship piece is denim, but it's much more complicated than that. Dare to wear the jeans that suit your body type by understanding the different cuts and colors the brand offers. Indeed, if you like skinny cuts that taper from the knee to the bottom of the leg, then you'll need to opt for the normal-waist super guy, which is a skinny jean with a slim fit. In the same style, you'll also find the easy guy model: a cut that's also fairly skinny on the lower leg, but straight on the thighs and with a higher waist. Other slim jeans and straight jeans are also available. You can wear each model with a t-shirt or sweatshirt and sneakers for a casual look, or with a sweater, polo shirt or shirt and trench coat and boots for a more chic look. If you're wondering how to wear the total denim look, don't hesitate any longer and fall for the pretty denim jackets from the same brand.
The Naked and famous team consider themselves denim nerds. Their fabric of choice is Japanese Selvedge denim, which is slowly and meticulously woven on ancient shuttle looms. They chose this fabric because the Japanese are the only people in the world as obsessed with denim as Naked and Famous. Whether low-rise, slim fit, fitted or straight cut, Japanese canvas will make these jeans a marvel thanks to its undeniable quality. The aging of the fabric makes each pair unique. Indeed, over the course of its life, the dark blue of the jeans will change to reveal another unique color. The brand travels several times a year to Japan to research and develop new fabrics. The garments, whether jeans or denim jackets, have been made in Canada since the brand's inception, and the finishes are of impeccable quality. With Naked and Famous jeans, your look will be sensational.
When it comes to care, there are a few things you need to know about your Naked and Fashion jeans or jacket. Indeed, raw denim jeans have the particularity of evolving with the wearer. As you wear them, they change, softening and adapting to your body shape as best they can. Denim also lives through your daily life, and it's quite possible to see wash marks appear on your jeans depending on the activities you do with them. All of this will make your jeans unique and a highlight of your wardrobe. As far as washing is concerned, some suggestions are always good to take, because it's true that it's always rather complicated to know when to wash your jeans. If you wash them frequently, the fading will be more uniform, but if you wear them often without washing them regularly, the fading will be based on your morphology.
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