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A brand that looks to the landscape for inspiration, Diega represents a confluence of creativity sou
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Frequently asked questions
Diega sees women as warriors, which is why in all her new collections, the founder draws inspiration from men's dressing with suits and blouses for an androgynous allure. Many masulin wardrobe staples have been elegantly adapted to the feminine wardrobe. However, there's another inspiration that goes hand in hand with the rather sober, black tailoring: vintage folklore. Diega sees itself as an essential, a land of welcome for all the world's women, offering them an art of living and a wardrobe that draws its origins from Saharan aesthetics, African savannahs with the leopard prints found on many of its tunics, snow-capped mountains or Mediterranean seashores with its sky-blue and navy-blue colors. It's also easy to recognize some inspiration from the bohemian style worn in Paris, with bangs, every button, floral prints or feather-inspired motifs on some garments, all of which form a casual, wearable look. These inspirations from other countries and ethnic groups come from the fact that, as a child, the designer imagined herself as an Amerindian. Her desire to escape never really left her, and today inspires the ethical credentials of her feminine outfits. Every Diega garment represents freedom with a touch of casual allure.
Diega's flagship piece is, of course, the suit, which represents the DNA of both the designer and the boutique. Indeed, it's easy to find many elegant suit jackets and pantsuits in fabrics such as wool or velvet. At l'Exception, you'll find 3 magnificent tailor sets to give you an elegant, chic silhouette for every occasion. Diega's quality materials will make your outfits elegant and timeless, but you can also opt for an original style with its floral and patchwork-inspired motifs. Loose-fitting cuts offer a certain comfort and lightness of movement to your outfits, making them accessible to a wide range of body types, from petite to voluminous. It's perfectly possible to match these brightly-colored, loose-fitting pieces with a pair of belted jeans or high-waisted jeans and a pair of sneakers, replaced by sandals when the sun comes out. There's no age limit to the Diega woman, you just need to be in love with elegant, comfortable pieces. If you like this style and would like to buy some pretty feminine pieces, you'll be able to find certain pieces from each new collection, carefully selected for you, and combine them with pretty accessories, always in the spirit of authentic travel.
Diega pays close attention to the materials used to ensure the quality of its products. Indeed, founder Caroline selects textiles and materials of undeniable quality. She uses noble, elegant materials such as velvet and natural materials as much as possible, as well as numerous handcrafted ornaments borrowed from distant cultures. She uses quality cotton for her T-shirts, which are made in Portugal, and generally favors light fabrics with varied patterns and floral prints in past colors, often handmade. However, Diega has no particular materials of choice: she uses many different materials depending on the garments she wishes to make and her inspirations, leaving her a vast field of possibilities.
To begin with, the idea for Diega blossomed from the inspiration of a French designer, and at l'Exception, we like to discover new things and showcase them, especially French and European designers. What's more, we like to select fashionable ready-to-wear pieces. Indeed, we can imagine ourselves perfectly well in one of these pretty suits or in one of the many light blouses with floral or printed motifs. We also appreciate the founder's take on women, seeing them as free and somewhat casual, with an androgynous allure that's very moderate. It's no longer a question of offering dresses or skirts alone, but also overalls or jumpsuits, chinos or straights, shorts, sweaters or even suits taken directly from the men's category.
Because of the superb quality and Parisian elegance of these items, it's obvious that all fans of women's fashion want to look after their beautiful Diega outfits as well as possible, but there's nothing special to do compared to other garments. It's important to consult the label, which contains washing instructions, in order to wash the garments at the perfect temperature and to know if any special treatment needs to be applied. For larger items, such as suits, it is also possible to take them to a specialist to ensure optimal cleaning at the right temperature without any risk. Given the quality materials used, your outfits should tend to be less damaged than fast-fashion garments, and last better over time.
The story of Diega, which began in 2007, began in a completely unexpected way, as Carole Petit's main focus was men's fashion. In fact, she set up her own men's company, knowing the men's fashion scene very well, as she came from a family specializing in men's tailoring, so she knew the men's dressing room to perfection. One day, her sister and a friend of hers, who both own boutiques, asked her to make shirts, this time with long or short sleeves. Lending herself to the challenge of women's dressing with key pieces like the top paired with shirts from an androgynous wardrobe, Diega, her future brand, began to be created without her realizing it. Customers immediately started asking her for an entire wardrobe with tailored jackets as well as tailored pants or cardigans. It was then that she decided to abandon men's dressing to concentrate on women's dressing, which she knew less about and where opportunities were flourishing. Since its creation, the founder and her team have been creating elegant, bohemian silhouettes with a touch of masculine confidence and sunshine.
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