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Since 2016, Humility has been a women's clothing brand with sober, structured lines. Reinventing tim
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Frequently asked questions
Humility is a French women's ready-to-wear brand created in 2016. Launched with the fall-winter 2015-2016 season by the Fée Maraboutée teams. Very little known and discreet in communication, the brand bears its name well, however, it is very effective in distribution being present in over 200 multi-brand outlets. La fée Maraboutée's little sister has a style all her own, and a completely different one at that, since it's based on a desire for rougher, purer products in a more elegant, sober style. The aim was to offer an alternative to Fée Maraboutée products, with clothing and accessories for all women. In fact, the brand presented itself alone at Who's Next to assert its difference and its status as a brand in its own right, but also to make a name for itself in the world of women's fashion. Humility's clothing collections are timeless must-haves for women's dressing rooms, designed to enhance your figure as much as possible. The fashion brand specializes in loose, flowing or oversized cuts that are also well-cut and comfortable. It offers a perfect balance between modernity and simplicity, favoring sober, natural colors to make your wardrobe perfectly suited to any occasion. Every season, you'll find a large part of the spring-summer and autumn-winter collections on the l'Exception website.
Humility is a contemporary women's clothing brand offering an effortless, urban casual wardrobe, with pastel colors, neutrals and sober, structured cuts to highlight the femininity and glamour of every woman, free from the fashion codes of the moment. Humility doesn't rely on the latest trends, trusting its instincts to create timeless, chic women's basics that can be kept in your wardrobe season after season. The brand focuses on the timeless essentials of women's wardrobes, offering clothes that are ideal for everyone. One of the brand's key values is comfort. In fact, the brand's relaxed style emphasizes comfort, with clean lines and natural colors. Humility is an attitude, a lifestyle in its own right for all women who want to dress elegantly, timelessly and minimalistically. What's more, the brand has strong values, since it uses only natural materials in its collection of products made in Italy. Each new collection is more inspired by the men's wardrobe, with prints such as stripes, checks and chevrons, natural materials such as linen and cotton, and large, oversized volumes to create more masculine outfits for women in an elegant way. What's more, the brand is very inclusive. This is one of Humility's core values. Inclusive fashion is dear to the brand's heart in order to represent all morphologies by offering sizes from 34 to 44.
Humility brand clothing is made in Italy, which is why the brand has been awarded the ECO X CEPTION de l'Exception label. The brand's products are of undeniable quality, and the finishing touches are such that each product is perfect. What's more, the products are made from responsible materials, mainly linen or cotton. The brand's designers are French, so they favor European production for their brand. Overall, the Humility brand strives for irreproachable quality that lasts over time, while trying to be as responsible as possible.
Because of the superb quality and elegance of these products, it's obvious that all fans of women's fashion want to look after their beautiful Diega garments as well as possible, but there's nothing special to do compared to other garments. It's important to consult the label, which contains washing instructions, in order to wash garments at the perfect temperature and to know if any special treatment should be applied. For larger items, such as suits, it is also possible to take them to a specialist to ensure optimal cleaning at the right temperature without any risk. Given the quality materials used, your garments should tend to be less damaged than fast-fashion garments, and last better over time.
The pretty women's clothing brand Humility doesn't really have a flagship product, as being a young brand it hasn't yet built up a reputation around any particular product. Humility offers a range of blouses, sweaters, high-waisted pants, low-waisted pants, baggy trousers, skirts, dresses and long-sleeved t-shirts in neutral colors such as brown, beige and dark blue, to avoid the colorful, extravagant total looks that are far from the brand's DNA. What's more, the brand uses very few prints in its womenswear collections to win over the hearts of as many people as possible. Humility clothing is available in a wide range of sizes, including plus sizes and petite sizes for skinnier women. The brand is very much focused on the inclusivity of all morphologies within its women's collections. What's more, the women's ready-to-wear brand offers rather casual, timeless clothes that don't necessarily follow fashion trends, so you can match them for any occasion. You can wear Humility women's clothing with pretty sneakers or moccasins for a mid-season or winter look with socks.
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