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Sessun is a women's ready-to-wear brand founded in Marseille in 1996 by Emma François. The brand has over eight hundred points of sale worldwide, including two hundred in France. From its own boutiques to multi-brand corners, Sessun has made a name for itself and become a household name. Today, Sessun takes great care to ensure that its boutiques represent the brand's universe to the full, for all women who love the brand. For almost 30 years, Sessun has been creating feminine, elegant, subtle and singular fashions, playing on volumes, colors and materials to reinvent basic, must-have pieces of women's clothing in a glamorous style, drawing inspiration from men's and women's wardrobes and codes. Inspired by her travels, Emma François uses a wide range of prints and colorful tones for her short- and long-sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts, summer dresses and handbags. With a feminine, chic yet casual style, Sessun offers a wardrobe of timeless pieces to wear for every occasion. Whether for spring-summer or autumn-winter collections, Sessun offers models adapted to different morphologies and styles, while taking inspiration from the latest fashion trends to anticipate prints, colors and cuts. Emma François, the designer, created the Sessun brand after studying economic anthropology. She began by selling women's clothing to her girlfriends, bringing them back from her travels to make ends meet. She then wanted to create an entire collection, but only as a hobby. It was at the Who's Next show, where she presented her brand for the first time, that the brand really took off. She was subsequently spotted, and in 2001 won the "young designer" prize from Maison Mode Méditerranée.
Through its women's clothing, Sessùn aims to create free and inspired women. From the outset, Emma François has given her brand strong values and extended its universe to a true art of living. You can sport a total Sessun look with the brand's shoes and accessories, which will make you feel feminine and comfortable every day, giving you a certain confidence. Her inspirations come mainly from her travels in Latin America, particularly Guatemala in 1994. Her travels and the encounters she made during them have left an indelible mark on all her collections, leaving traces of ancient civilizations on our contemporary fabric. Indeed, it was in Latin America that Emma François received her first mystical shock, the trigger heralding her future vocation. It was when she met local weavers, embroiderers and sewers who inherited their gestures and know-how that she understood her destiny. We sense a certain joy and light-hearted intention in all her outfits. Sessun ready-to-wear is also very much inspired by fashion trends in its choice of fabrics and cuts, be they straight, skinny or fit, or even prints. However, she and her stylists rely heavily on their instincts and the emotions captured during each encounter and outing, and this is what underpins the brand's DNA. Sessun makes no commercial concessions. Art is also very much part of Sessùn's DNA, and is cultivated day after day in its boutiques and collections of clothing, shoes and accessories. Sessùn strives for a certain timelessness while remaining firmly rooted in its time.
Sessùn's women's clothing is of undeniable quality, with perfectly executed finishing touches, and great attention to detail on every piece to create the catwalk-worthy silhouette of your dreams. Whether it's a t-shirt or a much more voluminous piece such as a jacket or suit, all products are made with respect for the people and know-how of the house and the many artisans who are dear to the designer. What's more, at a time when the challenges facing the planet and its ecosystem are more than alarming and indisputable, Sessùn has chosen to make a clear commitment. These commitments revolve around the human factor, which is also reflected in her collections. She is a woman who designs for women in a sober way. For example, the brand is perfectly transparent about the materials used in the manufacture of women's ready-to-wear and tries to reduce its environmental impact by favoring local actors. Sessùn's role is to dress as many women as possible with quality, whether in small or large sizes.
The women's clothing brand offers complete women's collections every season, with garments, accessories and footwear to suit a wide range of body shapes. However, there are no real flagship pieces from the Sessùn brand, apart from its "Sessùn Oui" line. Indeed, the "Sessùn Oui" line is specific to the brand and very well known. It offers a bridal range with wedding dresses that are truly fashionable garments. This line was created in response to requests from friends and loyal customers who absolutely wanted to get married in Sessùn. Generally speaking, the Sessùn style is a mainstay of women's fashion, with a wide range of pieces offering different styles. For example, it's perfectly possible to match a Sessùn t-shirt or sweater with wide-leg pants and sneakers for a casual or even elegant sportswear style, depending on the sneakers. To bring out your femininity with a more girly style, you can perfectly match this t-shirt or sweater with a pretty blazer and ankle boots from the Sessùn shoe collection, for example, or match a blouse with a pair of raw denim jeans from the brand. It's even possible to find certain pieces to achieve a bohemian style. The Sessùn wardrobe offers a multitude of different styles, with some oversized pieces right on trend. Sessùn garments are a must-have in your wardrobe, so don't hesitate to check out some pieces from the new collection on our site.
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