Of Scandinavian origin, one of the essential women's fashion trends, Samsoe & Samsoe was created in 1993 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by two brothers: Klaus and Preben Samsøe. From then on, the brand offers women's clothing in a casual and at the same time dressy look, comfortable, minimalist and timeless, part of a democratization of fashion. Built around strong prints, noble and innovative materials, the ready-to-wear collections for women reflect a strong identity specific to the city from Copenhagen. Each season, you will find new pieces of essential fashion clothing for a comfortable wardrobe for women with pieces such as long-sleeved jackets and coats, t-shirts for mid-season or even hooded sweatshirts for the fall-winter Samsoe Samsoe at l'Exception. The most beautiful new products are carefully selected for you.



Samsoe & Samsoe, the perfection of women's urban fashion, draws its identity from the famousScandinavian design. The creations are essentially basics of the feminine and masculine wardrobe revisited in utilitarian fashion . Pieces that are always well cut, with careful details and sometimes adorned with spring prints, it is this twist between classic and modern that is the strength of the Danish brand.< br />
Functional, simple and trendy, the goal is to create accessible and useful fashion for all women. Unisex and easily adaptable, the pieces are made to bring several looks to colorful personalities, the brand's pieces allow you to be who you really are. With this philosophy, the brand allows buyers to create their own story. Following the latest trends, it is the perfect brand to wear on all occasions to match with all the pieces in your wardrobe.

A sober and efficient design

Clean design is the watchword at Samsoe & Samsoe, with clean pieces designed for urban individuals. The volumes redesign an elegant, structured and current silhouette. Square shoulders are softened by semi-fitted, tapered pants and elongated lengths. The wardrobe is intended to be functional, with a predominance of authentic materials such as cotton, wool or satin that we do not hesitate to juxtapose.< br />
Traditional pieces are revisited and given sophisticated and elegant accents. The long fine viscose dress is accompanied by a cotton sweater or a long shirt, and the chino is accompanied by 'a cotton overshirt. For a ultra-trendy mixed look, also choose a monochrome, printed or plain outfit.
But Samsoe & Samsoe does not forget to be part of the streetstyle trend, while imposing its Scandinavian heritage. Its utilitarian spirit, originating from the street, reveals a design incomparable Danish which is part of a minimalist, affordable fashion trend for an accessible assertive look. Samsoe Samsoe asserts its status as a designer-stylist by offering certain clothes with original designs and perfect finishes.



Sporting a total Samsoe & Samsoe look will not shock anyone and will arouse curiosity about you. In addition, Samsoe Samsoe clothing fits all body types. In the open space or while walking around town, the pieces will never betray you. The Danish brand imagines double-breasted pantsuit sets, straight pants, checked jackets, workwear suits, sneakers... In short, there is a piece for every occasion and at an affordable price.

At Samsoe & Samsoe, everything is in shades of color. Blues rub shoulders with pinks, abstract prints adorn pretty long skirts and large flowing dresses for women and we find bold stripes< /b> on XXL all-over costume sets. Thus, pretty neon colors: a petrol blue affixed to a satin dress or turquoise pumps redefine the energy of the collection and a subtle femininity and will enhance your wardrobe.

*Hygge is a word of Danish and Norwegian origin referring to a feeling of well-being, a joyful mood and an intimate, warm atmosphere.
Hygge is a positive state of mind brought about by a moment considered comforting, pleasant and friendly.

Hygge vibes


Today one of the main spokespersons for Scandinavian style, the Samsoe & Samsoe label appeals to French women in search of a minimal and above all sustainable style. The vision and philosophy of the brand aiming to consume less, or in any case to consume better, does not leave customers of the Danish label indifferent, who appreciate the approaches linked to sustainable development and to influence purchasing behavior.
The Nordic countries are considered pioneers in slow fashion. Samsoe & Samsoe creates a need for sustainability by offering materials and cuts that can cross seasons and atmospheres. The collections are designed around wardrobe essentials, such as t-shirts, blouses or even women's sweaters or overalls with the aim that all pieces are the result of an ethical process as much for the brand's employees, as for the making of the collections and respect for the environment.
Samsoe & Samsoe has established an ethical code of conduct, subject to the entire production chain, including employees, suppliers and transporters... The code supports or fights for 5 points important; Human rights, child labor, corruption, animal protection and finally environmental protection.

The importance attached to materials, cuts and manufacturing promises a product that will be of quality. The more pleasant the piece is for the consumer, the more they will want to keep it durably in the seasons to come and that it becomes a must-have in one's wardrobe.